Barking Good Reviews: God’s Dogs Rescue Gets Two Paws Up!

Barking Good Reviews: God’s Dogs Rescue Gets Two Paws Up!

Are you a dog lover who is searching for a furry friend to add to your family? Perhaps you already have some furry buddies around but you’re looking for a rescue organization to help give back. Then look no further than God’s Dogs Rescue, where they get two paws up for their paw-some rescue services in San Antonio, Texas.

God’s Dogs Rescue: A Rescue Organization That Deserves Some Recognition

God’s Dogs Rescue is a non-profit animal rescue organization that has a mission to save the lives of dogs who would otherwise be euthanized due to overpopulation. Established in San Antonio, Texas, in 2011, God’s Dogs Rescue is dedicated to providing shelter, medical attention, and a new forever home to abandoned or rescued dogs.

God’s Dogs Rescue has become renowned as one of the most reputable dog rescue organizations in Texas, unique in its approach how they handle each dog in their care. From newborn puppies to elderly dogs, they provide a warm sanctuary, routine medical checkups, rehabilitation, training, and the love that every dog deserves.

By adopting from God’s Dogs Rescue, you’re not only getting a new family member but also supporting their efforts in rescuing other dogs from abuse and neglect. Here are the top reasons why God’s Dogs Rescue has earn’t two paws up from rescue dog adopters:

Two Paws Up: Reasons to adopt from God’s Dogs Rescue

  1. Providing a Safe Haven for Abandoned Dogs

At God’s Dogs Rescue, abandoned, neglected and stray dogs are not just taken in to be sheltered. They are provided with an all-inclusive approach to their care including full-service medical attention, nourishment, and love from dedicated and animal-loving volunteers. According to Dr. Sarah Smith, a veterinary doctor at San Antonio Pet Clinic, they take extra care in providing immunizations, vaccines, and preventative measures from conditions such as heartworms.

  1. Customized Care for All Dogs that Reside in the Shelter
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God’s Dogs Rescue addresses the unique needs of each dog in its care, from administering medication to ensure a dog remains healthy, getting them obedience training to prepare them for their forever home, or managing separation anxiety. Volunteers take time to tend to any anxiety or behavioral problems, socializing them with other dogs, and training them on basic skills like potty training, obedience, and even tricks. According to Kim Dookins, a volunteer at God’s Dogs Rescue, “We take the time to give each dog the individual love and attention they need to make their transition into a new home as smooth as possible.”

  1. Helping Citizens Find Their Perfect Furry Companion

God’s Dogs Rescue boasts of having an easy adoption process, so you can adopt your furry companion either online or in-person. You just need to fill out a simple form detailing your living conditions, lifestyle, and other information to meet up with the perfect dog for your family. With over 100 rescue dogs in their shelter, there’s always a companion waiting for the right family. Kim Dookins adds, “Each adoption is special because we believe that the right dog can help people with anxiety, depression, or other conditions.”

  1. Outstanding Service from Passionate and Committed Volunteers

God’s Dogs Rescue operates with the help of generous volunteers who go above and beyond to provide these dogs with a comfortable, safe, and healthy environment. They treat dogs as if they were their own, and their love, compassion, and dedication have earned the organization two paws up from new-found dog families. “It’s a rewarding experience to watch a scared and neglected dog in dire need of love and affection become part of someone’s happy family,” says Sarah Porter, a long-time volunteer at God’s Dogs Rescue.

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God’s Dogs Rescue has become a role model in rescuing dogs, a success that cannot be complete without their professionalism, passion, and commitment to saving as many dogs as possible.

A Rescue Organization’s Sustainability Efforts

God’s Dogs Rescue works tirelessly to ensure that every dog that comes into their facility has the most comfortable recovery or rehoming experience possible. Not only have they been recognized for their efforts in rescuing dogs, but they’ve also received accolades for their environmental efforts in making the facility more sustainable. Some of these efforts include:

Utilizing Energy-Efficient Practices

God Dogs Rescue volunteers have developed a sustainable method in reducing their energy consumption while still meeting their electrical needs. For example, installing energy-efficient lighting within the organization’s facility, and utilizing winter covers to retain heat energy in colder months.

Waste Management

An organization is nothing without proper waste management to drive its sustainability. From composting leftover dog food to recycling, the God’s Dogs Rescue facilities have incorporated measures to promote ecologically friendly operations.

Table: God’s Dogs Rescue Efforts for Sustainability

Efforts Results
Utilizing energy-efficient lighting and winter covers Reduced energy consumption by more than 20%
Composting leftover dog food Reduced garbage by more than half
Proper recycling methods Diverted over 70% of the waste produced

Paw-Some Volunteers Make it All Happen!

It’s said that behind every great organization is a great team of workers, and at God’s Dogs Rescue, it’s no different. From caretakers to trainers, every dedicated volunteer puts their heart and soul into making sure the dogs’ needs are fulfilled.

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Volunteers’ efforts in caring for the dogs are driven by their love, compassion, and a hunger to see the dogs in their care having the chance at experiencing a joyful life. Volunteers range from students to seniors, each with unique specialties that make the organization’s operation run smoothly.


In conclusion, God’s Dogs Rescue has gone above and beyond to ensure the safety, love, and rehoming of dogs in San Antonio, Texas. They offer a great opportunity for dog lovers to adopt a new furry friend and support a sustainable animal rescue organization. God’s Dogs Rescue has proven that by putting in the effort and love, even the most neglected pup can be given a second chance at life.

So why not join in and get your hands paw-fect by volunteering or adopting your next dog from God’s Dogs Rescue? Help us in ensuring that more pups are rescued and given the second chance of living the dog-given life they deserve.


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