Big Meech’s Great Escape: Will He Ever Break Free?

Breaking Down Big Meech’s Great Escape

Big Meech has been in prison serving time due to his role in one of the most notorious drug trafficking organizations in the US, the Black Mafia Family. However, rumours have been floating around that Big Meech may be looking for a way out of prison. This article will discuss whether it’s possible for Big Meech to break free and the implications of such an escape.

Big Meech’s Background

Before we delve into the details of Big Meech’s great escape, let’s take a moment to understand who he is. Demetrius Flenory, known as Big Meech, was the head of the Black Mafia Family (BMF), an organization that made over $270 million from drug trafficking. Big Meech and his brother Terry Flenory were arrested in 2005, and in 2008, Big Meech was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Big Meech’s legacy has continued to inspire many people, and his name has been referenced in multiple songs, including Drake’s “Jumpman” and 2 Chainz’s “Watch Out.” His followers even started a campaign to get him released from prison, with the hashtag #FreeBigMeech trending on Twitter.

The Great Escape Plan

Now let’s move on to the juicy bits: how will Big Meech break free? There are rumours that he’s been working on a great escape plan with the help of his lawyers and some other accomplices.

A source close to Big Meech recently revealed, “There is a plan in motion to get Demetrius Flenory aka Big Meech released from prison early. The process is being led by his lawyers who have been exploring all legal channels to get the chief of BMF freed.”

While there is no clear indication of what the plan entails, speculations suggest that the lawyers could file a motion requesting for Big Meech to be released on compassionate grounds, claiming that his health is deteriorating in prison. Another possibility is that they could argue that he was wrongly convicted and push for his sentence to be commuted.

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However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for Big Meech. Even if his lawyers manage to get him released, there are high chances that he could be extradited to other states where he also faces charges. This would mean that Big Meech’s legal battle won’t be over anytime soon.

The Implications of Big Meech’s Escape

If Big Meech manages to break free, there will be substantial implications to the justice system and the Black Mafia Family. Firstly, it would raise questions about the effectiveness of the prison system and the ability of prisoners to manipulate the system.

Professor John Pfaff, a criminal justice professor at Fordham University, warns that “if Big Meech gets out through some legal loophole, that will lead to lots of other prisoners who are much less dangerous, who are more deserving of getting out, demanding their own opportunities to escape the system.”

Furthermore, if Big Meech returns to BMF and continues to engage in illegal activities, the organization’s activities could intensify. The fear of Big Meech’s power could also influence the youth, pushing them towards criminal activities.

The Legal Challenges

Getting Big Meech out of prison is no walk in the park. There are numerous legal challenges and hurdles that he and his lawyers would have to overcome.

Firstly, Big Meech is facing charges in multiple states, making his release difficult, even if his lawyers manage to get him released on compassionate grounds, arguing that his sentence is unjust.

Secondly, Big Meech’s escape would require coordination with many accomplices, increasing the risk of getting caught or being involved in other criminal activities, further complicating the legal battle.

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Lastly, Big Meech’s release would imply that other prisoners convicted of similar crimes could challenge their sentences, putting pressure on the court system to reform, which may lead to contradictory and complex legal decisions that could alter the face of the US criminal justice system.

The Pros and Cons of Big Meech’s Escape

Just like any other event, there’s a flipside to Big Meech’s escape. Here’s a list of the pros and cons of his release:

The Pros

  • Big Meech will be free from prison
  • His family and supporters will be happy
  • He could bring change to the justice system by highlighting the loopholes that allow prisoners to manipulate the system

The Cons

  • Big Meech’s escape could lead to a surge in criminal activity
  • It could undermine the confidence the public has in the prison system
  • It could complicate the legal system, resulting in contradictory legal decisions

The likelihood of Big Meech’s escape

Based on the available information, it’s hard to say whether it’s possible for Big Meech to break free from prison. While his lawyers may have come up with an escape plan, it’s uncertain whether the legal system will allow it.

Furthermore, his escape would require coordination with accomplices, increasing the chances of getting caught, making his escape less likely.

A Brief History of Prison Escapes

Prison escapes are not a recent phenomenon. Many prisons have been breached over the years by inmates using various methods.

  • In 1962, three inmates escaped from the maximum-security prison Alcatraz and were never found.
  • In 1980, six inmates attempted to escape from the Massachusetts Correctional Institution. Five of them were captured, and one was killed.
  • In 2000, six inmates escaped from the Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Centre using dental floss to cut through the bars and windows.
  • In 2015, two inmates escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility in California using tools provided by a prison employee.
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In conclusion, Big Meech’s great escape raises many legal, social, and ethical questions. While it may seem like a small victory for his supporters, the implications of his escape go beyond his personal life. It would result in an undermining of the justice system, increase criminal activities, and complicate the legal system.

Hence, it’s essential to ensure that justice is served and to use Big Meech’s situation as an opportunity to highlight the concerns of the justice system and push for reforms.

Escape Outcome
Big Meech’s Great Escape Unknown
Alcatraz Prison Escape (1962) Inmates never found
Massachusetts Correctional Institution Escape (1980) Five inmates captured, one killed
Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Centre (2000) Six inmates escaped
Clinton Correctional Facility Escape (2015) Two inmates escaped using tools provided by a prison employee