Breaking News: LA Looks Hair Gel Discontinued, California in State of Emergency

Say Goodbye to Your Favorite Hair Styler

Ladies and gentlemen, our worst nightmare is happening – LA Looks Hair Gel has been discontinued! Who knew seeing that perfectly coiffed hair would be a thing of the past. The world is in chaos, and California is in a state of emergency. People are panicking, wondering what they will do without it. The protest has been staged outside the factory, with angry mobs demanding the gel’s return. But alas! Hope is lost, and the iconic hair gel has become a thing of the past.

A Brief History of the LA Looks Hair Gel

LA Looks hair gel has been a household name since 1985. It was first introduced in the market as an exclusive product for the Los Angeles audience. However, it quickly gained traction and became famous worldwide. The sleek and stylish look is lauded by many as the ultimate hair-styling solution. The brand has been leading the market for over 30 years and has steadfastly maintained the trust and loyalty of millions of customers. Sadly, we bid adieu to this iconic product, which has become an integral part of our fashion accessories over the years.

What Went Wrong?

The factory owners have not revealed any information about the sudden discontinuation of the product. However, our sources reveal that the company has undergone a massive restructuring, and the hair gel division’s closure was inevitable. With the pandemic causing havoc worldwide, people are switching to minimalistic lifestyles or using alternatives. Many people have now shunned hair styling products or decided to use environmentally friendly options. The brand might have also lost its popularity among younger clients, who may have been more inclined towards vegan-friendly and paraben-free alternatives.

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The Aftermath of LA Looks Hair Gel Discontinuation

Many people are mourning this loss, and some are even going to their appointments with messy hair. The style statement that LA Looks Hair Gel created has faded into oblivion. Friends, colleagues, and family members alike end up staring at once-well-groomed people with a pitiful look. The world has become a strange place – without the LA Looks Hair Gel, nothing seems right anymore.

The Impact of LA Looks Hair Gel Discontinuation

The harsh reality is that many people have been using LA Looks hair gel for decades, and now, with its sudden disappearance, they must find an alternative hair-styling product. Unfortunately, finding a new hair gel with the perfect blend of strength, hold, and affordability is not an easy task.

Here’s something to help you find a new product:

Table: Alternative Hair Gels to Use

Product Name Type Price Pros Cons
American Crew Fiber $18.99 (85g) Matte Finish, Stronghold, Natural Shine, Great Fragrance Expensive
Redken Brews Work Hard Molding Paste $19.18 (100 ml) Matte finish, high hold, and texture that boosts volume Only use a small amount or can leave residue on hair
Got2B Glued Styling Spiking Glue $7.00 (60g) Extreme Hold, Water-friendly Artificial ingredients
Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Hair Pomade $7.00 (75g) Natural finish, lightweight Wax can be hard to emulsify

Twitteratis React to the Discontinuation

The social media scene is buzzing with the news of LA Looks Hair Gel discontinuation. Here are some of the funniest tweets we came across:

  • “People were busy hoarding toilet paper during the lockdown. No one saw the LA Looks Hair Gel shortage coming.”

  • “I still can’t deal with the loss of LA Looks hair gel. My hair now looks like a nest, and my heart is broken.”

  • “Hey, LA Looks, if you’re listening, please bring back the hair gel! We’re all left looking like we’re fourth graders who combed their hair for the first time.”

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Alternatives to LA Looks Hair Gel – Our Top Picks

Here are some fantastic alternatives to keep your hair looking good:

List: Alternatives to LA Looks Hair Gel

  1. Hairsprays: Hairsprays have been around since the 1940s and are known to be an excellent alternative to hair gels. They have varying strengths and give your hair a natural look. You can choose from a range of products like Tresemme, Pantene Pro-V, and Herbal Essences.

  2. Hair Waxes: Hair wax has a thicker consistency than hair gel, which gives it a denser hold. Redken Brews Molding Paste is an excellent example of a hair wax that will give you a natural-looking style.

  3. Hair Pomades: Hair pomades are also a popular alternative to hair gels. However, they offer a lighter hold, which makes your hair look more natural. American Crew and Baxter of California are great brands to start with.


As we say goodbye to LA Looks hair gel, we must move on to new and exciting alternatives. Redken Brews Molding Paste, Hanz de Fuko Claymation, and American Crew are fantastic brands to start with. Life may not be the same without our favorite hair gel, but we must soldier on. Keep calm, and style on!