Can You See the Bright Side of Free COPE-Approved Optometry CE?

If you’re an optometrist, chances are you have heard of COPE-approved CE. And if you’re like most people, you probably cringe at the thought of sitting through hours of dry lectures and boring presentations. But what if I told you that there’s a bright side to all of this? That you can actually enjoy free COPE-approved optometry CE? Yes, you heard it right. In this article, we’ll explore how you can turn your mandatory CE into a fun and informative experience.

The Dreaded CE Hours

Let’s face it, attending mandatory CE can seem like a chore. The thought of sitting in a stuffy lecture hall for hours on end listening to barely comprehensible speakers doesn’t exactly scream “fun”. However, we must remember that this course requirement is essential to maintaining the skills and knowledge required to provide top-notch patient care.

The Bright Side of Free COPE-Approved Optometry CE

The good news is that there is a bright side to free COPE-approved optometry CE. Here are just a few reasons why:

No Cost

We all love a good deal, and free optometry CE is just that. It provides an opportunity for practitioners to fulfill their requirements without breaking the bank.


Traditional CE courses can be difficult to schedule, especially for busy practitioners. Online CE options provide convenience and flexibility, allowing practitioners to fulfill their requirements on their own time.

Opportunities for Growth

Free COPE-approved optometry CE introduces practitioners to new concepts and ideas, providing opportunities for growth and professional development.

Tips for Enjoying Optometry CE

Now that you’re starting to see the bright side of free COPE-approved optometry CE, let’s explore how you can actually enjoy the experience.

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Choose Topics That Interest You

Picking a topic that interests you is key to enjoying optometry CE. By selecting a course that aligns with your interests, you’ll be more engaged and interested, leading to greater retention of the material presented.

Consider a Change of Scenery

Sitting in the same stale environment can make even the most intriguing of topics dull. Consider taking your CE outside the typical lecture hall and opt for a more unique setting.

Engage With Other Attendees

Connecting with your fellow attendees can make the CE experience more enjoyable. By engaging with other practitioners, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss and learn from one another’s perspectives.

Fun CE Courses to Consider

Still struggling to find a CE course that piques your interest? Here are some fun and unique courses to consider:

“Say Goodbye to Boring Presentations”

This course teaches practitioners how to create engaging and captivating presentations. No more boring lectures for you!

“The Role of Optometry in the Music Industry”

As an optometrist, you likely think you know all about the industry. Think again. This course explores the intersection between optometry and the music industry.

“Optometry and Survival Strategies for the Zombie Apocalypse”

Yes, you read that right. This course uses the hypothetical scenario of a zombie apocalypse to teach practitioners about emergency eye care.

The Final Word

In conclusion, while attending COPE-approved optometry CE may seem like drudgery, there are many reasons to embrace it. With a change in perspective and a little effort in seeking out unique courses, free COPE-approved optometry CE has the potential to be both enjoyable and informative. So, next time you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of fulfilling your CE requirements, remember that there truly is a bright side.

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Table: List of COPE-Approved Online CE Providers

Provider Name Website
Optometric Education Consultants


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