Coaches Hate Him for These 2K23 MyCareer Settings

Are you tired of your coach giving you the same old advice that never seems to work? Do you want to dominate on the court and make your coach take notice? Look no further, because these 2K23 MyCareer settings will have you playing like a superstar in no time. Coaches may hate that they can’t control you, but you’ll love the freedom to dominate the game your way.

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2K Sports has always pushed the limits on what can be achieved in the realm of sports video games. Their latest edition of NBA 2K23 is no different, with the MyCareer mode being the centerpiece of the game. With the ability to create your own customizable character and lead them to basketball stardom, the MyCareer mode is what makes 2K23 stand out from the rest. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and coaches might not like the choices you make. But with these MyCareer settings, you won’t care what they think.

The Benefits of Customizing Your MyCareer Settings

With the MyCareer mode, players can create and customize their own player, and the settings allow you to tailor the experience to your liking. You can even choose to play in college before getting drafted into the NBA. By customizing your MyCareer settings, you can get the most out of your gaming experience by tailoring it to your skill level and play style. Some of the benefits of customizing your MyCareer settings include:

  • Tailoring your skills to your play style
  • Adjusting difficulty to your skill level
  • Creating your own story and journey to superstardom
  • Adding a level of immersion to the game
  • Giving you more control over your player’s destiny
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The Top MyCareer Settings You Need to Know

These MyCareer settings will make coaches wish they were playing too.

Choose Your Archetype Wisely

The first step to dominating the court is to select the archetype that best suits your play style. Archetypes are pre-made builds that give you recommendations for your player’s height, weight, and abilities. Choosing the right archetype can mean the difference between being a dominant force on the court or struggling to fit in with your teammates.

Pro Tip: Don’t worry about being predictable with your archetype choice. Choose one that feels right to you, regardless of what other players might be doing.

Don’t Be Afraid to Adjust Your Difficulty

Playing on the right difficulty level is important for enjoying the game while still being challenged. If you’re finding the game too difficult, adjust the slider to make it easier. If you’re dominating the game and finding it too easy, increase the difficulty for more of a challenge.

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to experiment with the difficulty levels until you find one that suits your skill level.

Don’t Be a Team Player

Coaches always talk about playing as a team, but sometimes it’s fun to just let loose and see what you’re capable of on your own. With these MyCareer settings, you don’t have to worry about team chemistry or play calling.

Pro Tip: Don’t completely ignore your teammates, but don’t be afraid to take some risks and make some highlight plays.

Control Your Endorsements

Endorsements are a big part of MyCareer mode, and they can make a huge difference in the amount of virtual currency you earn. Choose the right endorsements by taking into account what will best help you reach your goals.

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Pro Tip: Don’t take every endorsement that comes your way. Take the time to weigh the benefits and make sure they align with your priorities.

Spend Your Virtual Currency Wisely

Virtual currency is valuable in MyCareer mode, and it’s important to spend it wisely. Use it to upgrade your player’s abilities and buy new gear that can help you dominate on the court.

Pro Tip: Don’t waste your virtual currency on frivolous items, like clothes or tattoos. Spend it on things that will help you become a better player.

Choose Your Agent Carefully

Your agent can make a huge difference in your MyCareer journey. Choose an agent that has your best interests in mind and can help you reach your goals.

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to switch agents if you’re not happy with the one you have. A good agent can make all the difference.

Examples of MyCareer Superstars

These MyCareer settings have been used by some of the biggest names in the NBA 2K community to create their own basketball superstars.

1. Joe Knows

Joe Knows is known for his MyCareer mode videos on YouTube. He’s known for his high-scoring, high-dunking style of play that often leaves his opponents in the dust.

2. Agent 00

Agent 00 is a MyCareer superstar who has been creating content on YouTube for years. His videos showcase his incredible skills on the court, and his MyCareer mode videos are some of his most popular.

The Top MyCareer Settings to Avoid

Not all MyCareer settings are created equal. Here are some settings you should avoid if you want to dominate on the court:

  • Ignoring your player’s archetype
  • Playing on too high a difficulty level
  • Being too much of a team player
  • Taking on too many endorsements
  • Wasting virtual currency on frivolous items
  • Choosing the wrong agent
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MyCareer Settings Table

Here’s a helpful table to keep track of your MyCareer settings:

Setting Recommended Not Recommended
Archetype Choose what feels right Ignoring your player’s skills
Difficulty Adjust to your skill level Playing on a difficulty that’s too difficult
Team Play Playing a balanced game Ignoring your teammates completely
Endorsements Weigh the benefits Taking on too many endorsements
Virtual Currency Spending wisely Wasting on frivolous items
Agent Choosing an effective one Choosing the wrong one

In Conclusion

With these MyCareer settings, coaches might hate you, but you’ll love dominating the court. From customizing your archetype to choosing the right agent, these tips will help you create your own basketball superstar. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and dominate the court your way.


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