Cracking Up: My Love-Hate Relationship with the Sentry Safe 1250 Combo

Cracking Up: My Love-Hate Relationship with the Sentry Safe 1250 Combo


So, you want to hear my story of my love-hate relationship with the Sentry Safe 1250 Combo. Well, settle in for a wild ride of frustration, joy, and ultimately, triumph.

The Early Days

It all started when I purchased my first Sentry Safe 1250 Combo. A shiny, new lockbox that promised to keep all my valuable documents safe and secure. I felt like a real adult owning one of these things.

Little did I know the headaches that awaited me.

The Frustration Begins

I carefully followed the instructions, setting my combination to something I would remember. I felt like a genius until I tried to open it after a week of owning it. No luck.

I tried my combination multiple times, but the lockbox wouldn’t budge. Desperate and annoyed, I called customer service. After being on hold for 20 minutes, I finally got through to a representative who walked me through the steps to resetting my combination.

I felt relieved until it happened again a month later.

The Love-Hate Cycle

This pattern continued for years. Every few months, I would forget my combination and spend hours trying to reset it. The temptation to just crack it open with a hammer was strong, but I resisted.

As much as I hated the Sentry Safe 1250 Combo, I couldn’t deny that it was doing its job of keeping my important documents safe.

It was a love-hate cycle that never seemed to end.

The Turning Point

One day, I decided enough was enough. I couldn’t keep living like this, always worrying about forgetting my combination and being locked out of my own lockbox. It was time to take matters into my own hands.

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After some research, I discovered that the Sentry Safe 1250 Combo was notorious for being difficult to crack. But, with determination and a little bit of luck, I managed to open it using a few simple tools and some clever maneuvers.

I felt like the ultimate safe-cracker.

No More Frustration

Now, I no longer have to worry about forgetting my combination or spending hours on the phone with customer service. I feel confident that I can open my lockbox whenever I need to and keep my important documents safe and secure.

While I still have a love-hate relationship with the Sentry Safe 1250 Combo, I mostly just love it now that I know how to crack it if needed.

Tips for Cracking the Sentry Safe 1250 Combo

If you’re like me and tired of dealing with the frustration of forgetting your combination, here are some tips for cracking your Sentry Safe 1250 Combo:

  1. Try the standard factory combination. It’s often easy to find online.
  2. Use a stethoscope to listen for the clicks of the tumblers as you turn the dial.
  3. Use a rare-earth magnet to manipulate the magnets inside the lock.
  4. Call a professional locksmith if all else fails.

Remember, cracking a lockbox can be dangerous and illegal. Make sure to only attempt this if it’s your own property and you have the necessary experience and tools.

Alternatives to the Sentry Safe 1250 Combo

If you’re in the market for a new lockbox and don’t want to deal with the frustration of the Sentry Safe 1250 Combo, here are some great alternatives:

1. Master Lock 5900D Portable Safe

This portable safe is easy to use and comes with a four-digit combination lock. It’s small enough to fit in a backpack, making it a great option for traveling.

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2. AmazonBasics Security Safe

This safe has a programmable electronic keypad and two override keys in case you forget your code. It also comes with mounting hardware, making it easy to secure to a wall or floor.

3. Barska Biometric Safe

If you want the ultimate in security, this safe uses biometric technology to open with your fingerprint. It also has a backup key and a silent mode for discreet access.


In conclusion, my love-hate relationship with the Sentry Safe 1250 Combo has been a wild ride. From frustration to triumph, it’s been a journey that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

While the Sentry Safe 1250 Combo can be difficult to crack, with determination and a little bit of luck, it’s possible. But, if you’re looking for alternatives, there are plenty of great options out there.

Remember, stay safe and secure your valuables.

Table: Comparison of Alternatives

Lockbox Combination or Key Mounting Hardware Biometric Portable Price
Sentry Safe 1250 Combo Combination No No No $30
Master Lock 5900D Combination No No Yes $22
AmazonBasics Security Combination Yes No No $52
Barska Biometric Safe Biometric Yes Yes No $180

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Alternatives to the Sentry Safe 1250 Combo