Departing with a Smile: Blyth Funeral Home Obituaries in Greenwood SC

Departing with a Smile: Blyth Funeral Home Obituaries in Greenwood SC

Do you think death has to be a serious matter? Think again! Blyth Funeral Home in Greenwood, SC is making waves with their obituaries, which are leaving the loved ones chuckling while they mourn the loss of their dear ones.

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Blyth Funeral Home is known for its exceptional funeral services, but what really sets them apart is the creativity they exhibit in their obituaries. Their witty writing style and humorous anecdotes have gained more recognition than any conventional obituary could ever achieve.

Setting a Lighter Tone for a Heavy Moment

When someone passes away, the mourning loved ones tend to crave comfort and solace. Though grief may be a very personal experience, Blyth Funeral Home manages to provide a touch of humor, one that reflects the departed soul’s life.

“I told you I was sick” famously inscribed on a gravestone.

Blyth Funeral Home obituaries do not necessarily take away from the seriousness of the occasion, but rather help to alleviate the tension of the mourners. A jovial anecdote or two about their loved ones, which would peak a slight smile from the readers, can go a long way.

Making Each Obituary a Work of Art

Blyth Funeral Home takes each obituary as an opportunity to showcase their creativity. The obituaries are not your typical announcement of a person’s passing, but rather a celebration of their life.

Through carefully crafted phrasing and jovial storytelling, Blyth Funeral Home honors the deceased while writing them a final love letter. Even in death, there can be compassion, love, and a sense of humor.

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The Advantages of Smiling during Difficult Times

While Blyth Funeral Home obituaries may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there are significant benefits to incorporating humor as a way to ease the emotional burden of the grieving process. Here are some of the benefits of humor in difficult times:

  1. Humor helps release tension and offers a brief moment of escape from an emotionally taxing moment.

  2. It can bring people together and create a sense of community.

  3. Laughing releases endorphins, having a positive effect on overall well-being.

  4. Laughter can bring a sense of closure to a difficult situation.

The Genius Behind Blyth Funeral Home Obituaries

Blyth Funeral Home obituaries are the brainchild of Michael Scott, the owner of the funeral home. Scott has been writing creative obituaries for more than 15 years, and he is proud of the legacy he has created.

“The reason why we’ve had such success with our obituaries is that we focus on the life not the death,” Scott explained. “We tell a story about the person, highlighting their uniqueness and the impact they had on their family and community.”

Scott believes that writing an obituary is more than just announcing a person’s passing. It’s an opportunity to bring closure to the family and friends left behind, to recount the memories and the impact that the deceased had on those around them.

Examples of Blyth Funeral Home Obituaries

Check out some of the Blyth Funeral Obituaries that showcase the creativity and humor that are incorporated into their writing style:

1. David Wayne Sisson

David Wayne Sisson, 48, passed away on Monday, September 27, 2021. He will be laid to rest in Eastview Cemetery.

In a final act of defiance, and showing his true colors, the family has chosen not to list any of the accomplishments or effects he had on this earthly plane. Heaven help them.

2. Raymond Evans

Ramond Evans was born in and spent his whole life in the Greenwood area working with family and friends as a carpenter. He passed suddenly due to injuries from a motorcycle accident.

He was an avid fisherman and hunter his entire life. He never met a stranger and loved his family and friends deeply. 

Raymond was proceeded in death by his parents, two sisters, and one brother. He is survived by his one sister of Clinton and three nephews.

You can only assume he went out to try and catch the big one he could never catch here on earth. No services are planned.

3. Linda Jo Peay

Linda Jo Peay, 62 of Greenwood, passed away peacefully at her home on September 22, 2021, surrounded by her loving family.

The best thing about Linda Jo was that she was a great storyteller. Of course, half the time, the stories weren’t true, but she sure could tell them, and that’s what we’ll miss.

Making Memorable Moments for the Rest of Your Life

Blyth Funeral Home obituaries prove that even during such a heavy moment in life, humor can still feature prominently. Incorporating a sprinkling of humor, Blyth Funeral Home obituaries help the mourners to celebrate the life of their loved one.

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A Comparison of Conventional and Blyth Obituaries

Here is a table that compares conventional obituaries with Blyth Funeral Home obituaries:

Criteria Conventional Obituaries Blyth Funeral Home Obituaries
Tone of the obituary Solemn and Formal Celebratory and Humorous
Writing Style Straightforward Creative and Witty
Attention to Detail Focused on Life Events Focused on Unique Traits
Emotion Driven Less Emotion-driven More Emotion-driven
Length of the obituary Short and Sweet Long and Full of Memories


Blyth Funeral Home obituaries in Greenwood, SC, have revolutionized the traditional view of death announcements. They now incorporate humor to deliver a final love letter to a person’s life, showcasing their uniqueness and the impact they had on their family and community. Blyth Funeral Home’s approach to obituaries changes the narrative of how we deal with grief and makes life a little more enjoyable in our darkest moments.

Rest in Peace to those that leave us but remind us how to remember them with a smile.