Drop it like it’s hot: The hottest internship spot of 2023!

Drop it like it’s hot: The hottest internship spot of 2023!

If you’re anxiously jumping for joy, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to plop yourself into the real world and dive into all that corporate culture has to offer, then listen up! Drop what you’re doing and prepare yourself to learn about the hottest internship spot of 2023.

This gem has it all: innovative thinkers, lucrative pay, and the promise of kickstarting your career in a direction only your wildest dreams could have imagined. So, let’s get ready to dive into the newest craze since avocado toast and find out what makes this the most sought after internship of 2023 – it’s so hot, it might just burn your hands!

What makes this internship different from other coveted spots?

First and foremost, the company responsible for this internship has a cult-like following. They are widely known for their out-of-the-box thinking and innovative approach to everything they touch. This groundbreaking, disruptive company has revolutionized the way business is done and if you haven’t heard, well, where have you been?

This is not your mom’s company, or your dad’s, for that matter. This company is so cutting-edge, so avant-garde that you’ll need to sign a nondisclosure agreement just to attend the interview. Oh, and did we mention the interview? You’ll need to prepare yourself for a series of tests, both logical and insane. The top 2% of applicants will be selected to move on to the final round. It’s like the Hunger Games, but instead of fighting to the death, you’re fighting for the opportunity of a lifetime.

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What will you be doing as an intern?

This internship is not for the weak of heart or the faint of liver. You will be thrown into the deep end, tasked with solving problems and creating solutions that no one else has even thought of. You’ll work alongside some of the brightest minds in the business, and you’ll be sweating bullets trying to keep up.

Don’t worry – you’ll be compensated handsomely for your time, effort, and sanity. The pay is at least twice what other top-tier internships offer. But, before you start picturing yourself rolling in cash, let’s make one thing clear: this isn’t about the money. This internship is about the life-altering experience and the knowledge you’ll gain. You’ll be learning from the best, and you’ll leave the internship as a changed person.

What are the perks?

We know what you’re thinking. “I’m not interested in the perks, I just want to work hard and change the world!” Wrong, dear reader, because the perks are unbelievable. Here are just a few you can expect if you’re lucky enough to be selected:

  1. Unlimited vacation days
  2. A fully-stocked kitchen (including top-shelf liquor)
  3. Free rides to and from work (we’re not talking about the bus)
  4. The occasional Google-level massage to ease your tense muscles

Who is this internship for?

Is this internship for everyone? No. If you’re not willing to work harder than you ever have before, if you’re not willing to push your boundaries and challenge your limits, if you’re not willing to throw your entire life into this opportunity, then it’s not for you.

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This internship is for the fearless, for the brilliant, and for those who refuse to be ordinary. Only those who are willing to take risks, and fail along the way, will be considered. You’ll need to have a burning passion for the company’s mission and the drive to succeed.

How do you apply?

Here’s the part you’ve been waiting for! We know you’re champing at the bit to get your application in, and who could blame you? This is the opportunity of a lifetime!

First, you’ll need to scour the company’s website for a hidden page with an application. No, we’re not kidding. You’ll need to use your skills to find the application, because if they made it easy, everyone would apply. Once you’ve found the application, you’ll need to answer a series of bizarre questions that will really make you think outside of the box.

If you make it past the first round (which, let’s be honest, most of you won’t), you’ll be contacted for an interview. This is where the fun begins! Be prepared to take tests, solve riddles, and think on your feet. This isn’t your typical interview, so be ready for anything.


If you’re looking for a cushy job with a corner office and a 401k plan, then keep scrolling. This internship is for those who want to make a difference, those who want to leave their mark on the world, and those who aren’t afraid to take risks.

Is it for the faint of heart? Absolutely not. But, for those who are willing to put in the work, the payoff is huge. You’ll gain experience that you couldn’t get anywhere else, rub shoulders with some of the most brilliant minds in the industry, and you’ll be compensated very well for your time.

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So, we’ll ask again: are you ready to drop what you’re doing and apply for the hottest internship of 2023? We thought so.


Company Internship Pay Perks
Innovative, Disruptive, Groundbreaking At least twice what other top-tier internships offer Unlimited vacation, fully-stocked kitchen with high-quality alcohol, free rides to and from work, occasional massages

List 1: The Perks

  • Unlimited vacation days
  • Fully-stocked kitchen (including top-shelf liquor)
  • Free rides to and from work (we’re not talking about the bus)
  • The occasional Google-level massage to ease your tense muscles

List 2: Who is This Internship For?

  • The fearless
  • The brilliant
  • Those who refuse to be ordinary
  • Only those who are willing to take risks and fail along the way


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