Fur Real Fido! Check out For Pets Sake in Dothan, AL

Are you tired of shopping for your furry friend at big-box stores where the only creatures around are bored assistants with nothing to do? Look no further than Dothan, AL, where the locally-owned pet store, For Pets Sake, awaits you and your loyal companion with open paws.

For Pets Sake is a store delightfully exceeding the pet owner’s expectations, with one passion: Taking care of pets and their pet care requirements. This pet store was founded in 2005, by a pet lover who wished to help others care for their own pets. For Pets Sake is the unique pet store in the region that provides services for all types of pets including dogs, cats, birds, and even reptiles!

For Pets Sake is not just a pet store; it’s an experience that your pet will love. The owners of the store treat the pets that visit like their own, which has helped the store become and remain popular in Dothan, Alabama. The owners and employees genuinely love working with animals and will take notice of the individuality of every pet that walks in, even if their owners are adamant about how special they are.

In this Pet store, you won’t need to worry about your trip taking three separate visits for your pet to feel comfortable. The store owners know how to make your furry friend feel at home right away. Even timid dogs and skittish cats find themselves quickly relaxing in the store’s amiable environment.

If there’s one thing that the owners of For Pets Sake love, it’s giving owners a good chuckle. Whether that’s through unique products or their sense of humor, pet owners have found themselves laughing and smiling throughout the store trips.

For Pets Sake has plenty of products for every pet’s needs, ranging from unique to family-favorite brands. The store has a wide range of pet toys, pet food, and pet supplies – if your pet needs it, you can be assured that For Pets Sake has it!

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Perhaps what sets this store apart is the personalized services that they offer to each pet owner who walks through their door. For example, For Pets Sake even has a “treat bar” where customers can make custom bags of dog or cat treats, selecting specific combinations of tasty flavors and ingredients.

For Pets Sake is made for all kinds of pets, but the products here are also incredibly helpful for specific breeds. The store also maintains special grain-free pet food and high-in-protein pet food for pets with specific dietary requirements.

Wondering about a wide range of product categories? Here are our top categories of For Pets Sake:

Toys and Games

It’s no doubt that pets love toys and games, and For Pets Sake understands this. Not only does this pet store have all the classics such as balls and bones, but they also present a variety of interactive toys to keep pets physically and mentally fit. The store has a dance-and-twirl cat toy that activates with a button touch or a motion-activated treat-dispensing dog toy to keep your beloved pet engaged and entertained.

Grooming and hygiene

A healthy pet is a happy pet, and For Pets Sake understands that a happy pet owner would want nothing but the best for their pets. This is why they have a wide range of grooming and hygiene products to ensure pets remain healthy and refreshed. From shampoos for different types of skins to brushes for different types of fur, For Pets Sake has it all.

In addition to their high-quality products, For Pets Sake also offers an array of services that your pet will love, including:

Dog Bathing and Grooming

For Pets Sake offers professional bathing and grooming services for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Their grooming experts have extensive training and understand the different grooming methods for every breed. Want to know the best thing? The store even has dog-safe hair dyes, from pink to blue hair for adventurous pets who want to show off their personalities.

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Pet Boarding

If you’re going out of town and need someone to take care of your pet, then you will be pleased to know that For Pets Sake offers a pet boarding service where your pet will be well taken care of.

Pet Adoptions

For Pets Sake also has a section for pet adoptions. Whenever you are ready to commit to a pet, For Pets Sake will be there to ensure that the adoption process goes smoothly.

Knowing more about the history of a store makes the shopping experience worthwhile. Here’s a brief history of For Pets Sake:


For Pets Sake was founded in 2005 by a pet lover with a passion for pets. The store initially started as a small pet supply shop with limited selections.


As time passed, more and more customers got to know about For Pets Sake, increasing its customer base. With the increased demand for pet supplies in the region, the store grew bigger and extended its range of products to suit every pet owner’s needs.


Today, For Pets Sake stands as the biggest pet store in the region, offering high-quality pet foods, treats, toys, and much more. With a highly qualified and friendly staff, For Pets Sake has become more than just a pet store to many customers, but instead a place where they can socialize and share fun stories about their pets.

For Pets Sake supports surrounding communities through contributing and volunteering in local events. The pet store also organizes animal adoption campaigns, animal rescue events, and other charitable drives to help the local animal welfare groups.

In our interview with Henry, one of the store’s employees, he revealed that For Pets Sake has been instrumental in raising money for the local animal shelter by donating 50 cents from every sale made from a certain line of cat food.

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For Pets Sake in Dothan, AL, is not your typical pet store. It’s a place where your dear furry friend gets attention, love and unmatched pet care services that they deserve. Whether you’re looking for quality pet food, pet toys, or quality grooming services, For Pets Sake provides it effortlessly.

If you’re in doubt about the services and products available, then visit For Pets Sake and let their team of pet lovers give you and your pet the best experience ever.


Product Category Description
Toys and Games Classic and interactive toys for all pets
Grooming and Hygiene Shampoo, conditioner, brush, etc.
Dog Bathing and Grooming Professional grooming service
Pet Boarding Care for your pets while you’re out of town
Pet Adoptions Wide variety of pets to choose from


  • Benefits of using For Pets Sake services:
  • You will always have someone to love and care for your pet.
  • The prices are competitive.
  • The products available are of high quality.
  • Your pet will benefit from the store’s unique care services.
  • Pet adoptions are convenient and safe.

  • For Pets Sake products and services by animal type:

  • Dogs: leashes, collars, clothes, treats, grooming products, etc.
  • Cats: toys, litter, grooming carriers, scratchers, etc.
  • Birds: feeders, cages, perches, nest boxes, etc.
  • Rabbits: grooming tools, bedding, rabbit feed, etc.
  • Reptiles: heat lamps, terrarium, cage bedding, etc.


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