Get Fur-real Savings at ASPCA Community Vet Center Bronx!

If you’re anything like me, your pet is your life. Your furry companion means everything to you, and you’d do anything to keep them healthy and happy. But let’s face it, pet care can be expensive! Especially when it comes to veterinary services. That’s why I’m excited to share with you a hidden gem in the Bronx – the ASPCA Community Vet Center!

Saving Money While Caring for Your Pet’s Needs

The ASPCA Community Vet Center offers top-notch veterinary services at an affordable price. And when I say affordable, I mean affordable! The center provides services to all pets, regardless of their owners’ income level. That means you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank just to keep your pet healthy. Let’s take a look at some of the services they offer:

Wellness Exams

Wellness exams are essential for your pet’s overall health. And the ASPCA Community Vet Center offers this service at a price that won’t make you choke on your coffee. For just $25, you can have your pet examined by a licensed veterinarian. That’s a steal if you ask me!


Vaccinations are crucial for protecting your pet from several diseases. And the ASPCA Community Vet Center has got you covered. They offer a variety of vaccinations at prices that won’t empty your pockets. For example, rabies vaccinations for dogs and cats start at just $15.

Spay/Neuter Services

Spaying or neutering your pet helps curtail pet overpopulation and provides many health benefits. But let’s be real, it can be expensive. The ASPCA Community Vet Center offers these services at a much more affordable rate than most veterinarians. The prices start at $125 but vary based on the pet’s size and gender.

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Dental Services

Many people don’t realize that their pets need dental care just like humans do. And just like dental care for humans, it can be costly. The ASPCA Community Vet Center offers dental services starting at $175.

​What Makes the ASPCA Community Vet Center Special?

Besides offering affordable prices, the ASPCA Community Vet Center has some other unique features that make it a great place for your pet.

Out-of-the-Box Care

The center is known for offering unusual and visually pleasing medical care using the latest technology, from 3d printed prosthetics to robotic surgery.

Compassionate Staff

The staff is composed of veterinary professionals who genuinely love and care for animals. You can be sure that your pet will receive the best medical care from these dedicated individuals.

A Safe and Inviting Environment

From the moment you walk through the doors, you’ll feel at ease at the ASPCA Community Vet Center. The center’s welcoming environment, combined with compassionate veterinary care, makes it a safe and inviting space for your pet and you.

Examples of Clients Who Have Benefited from the ASPCA Community Vet Center’s Services

If you’re still not convinced that the ASPCA Community Vet Center is the right choice for your furry companion, take some time to read these clients’ stories.

Lizzie’s Story

Lizzie was a stray cat that had been wandering around for weeks with a broken leg before being caught by a good Samaritan. She was taken to ASPCA Community Vet Center, where she received the medical care she needed. Her total bill came to only $75, which included surgery, medication, and aftercare. Thanks to the center’s low prices and compassionate care, Lizzie is now thriving in her new home.

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Buddy’s Story

Buddy was a Golden Retriever that weighed over 100 pounds. His owner, a senior citizen who had limited income, had brought him to ASPCA Community Vet Center for help with his weight management issues. After obtaining a detailed medical history and conducting a physical and blood work, the staff determined that Buddy had hypothyroidism. His treatment cost only $75, which proved to be much more affordable than most other veterinary clinics. Buddy’s owner has continued to seek advice on caring for his pet’s health, thanks to the center’s commitment to building relationships with their clients.

Table: Comparison of Prices for Veterinary Services

Service ASPCA Community Vet Center Regular Veterinary Clinic
Wellness Exam $25 $50 – $100
Rabies Vaccine $15 $25 – $50
Spay/Neuter Starting at $125 $300 – $800
Dental Services Starting at $175 $300 – $800

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for affordable and compassionate care for your furry friend, look no further than the ASPCA Community Vet Center. With their experienced and knowledgeable staff and commitment to providing top-notch veterinary care to all pets, you’re sure to receive “fur-real” savings while keeping your pet healthy and happy.


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