Get Your Inner Mad Scientist Out with the Artificer Alchemist Build – 5e Edition!

Get Your Inner Mad Scientist Out with the Artificer Alchemist Build – 5e Edition!

Are you ready to delve into the world of explosives, potions, and artifacts? The Artificer Alchemist Build in 5e Edition provides an excellent opportunity for those who love to mix and tinker with their creations. With this build, you’ll be able to create all manner of gadgets, devices, and magical concoctions.

What is an Artificer Alchemist Build?

The Artificer Alchemist Build is a subclass of the Artificer class in 5e Edition. This subclass specializes in creating magical potions, bombs, and gadgets that are both deadly and useful. The alchemist artificer can create a variety of mixtures, each with its unique effect, making them one of the most versatile classes in the game.

Building Your Alchemist

Now that you know what an Artificer Alchemist Build is, let’s dive right in and build one. Here’s a quick guide on what you need to focus on when creating your alchemist.


There are many races to choose from in Dungeons & Dragons, but some races are better suited to the alchemist class than others. Races like Gnomes, Half-Elves, and Humans are excellent choices for the Artificer Alchemist Build. Their high intelligence, dexterity, and constitution make them a natural fit for the class.


When creating a character, stats play an essential role. For an Artificer Alchemist Build, you’ll want to focus primarily on intelligence, constitution, and dexterity. Intelligence is key for crafting, constitution ensures survivability, while dexterity improves mobility and accuracy.


Every character in Dungeons & Dragons has skills that they are proficient in. For an alchemist, skills like Arcana, Investigation, Medicine, and Nature are particularly useful. These skills allow an alchemist to identify and analyze various substances, creatures, and magical effects.


Alchemists can cast spells, and their spell choices revolve around concoctions and explosions. Spells like Acid Splash, Entangle, Cure Wounds, and Misty Step allow them to control the battlefield, heal allies, and evade danger.

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Infusions are unique magical creations of an Artificer, which can be imbued with a variety of magical qualities. The Artificer Alchemist Build can create infusions ranging from magic weapons to magic armor. These infusions can be shared with other party members and can be an invaluable asset in combat.

Alchemist Supplies

Lastly, alchemists require alchemist supplies to craft their various concoctions. These supplies include beakers, flasks, retorts, and other laboratory equipment.

Alchemical Concoctions

As an Artificer Alchemist Build, you possess the ability to create an array of potent chemical concoctions that can benefit your party or cause mayhem for your enemies.

Explosive Concoctions

One of the essential aspects of an Artificer Alchemist Build is the ability to create explosive concoctions. These bombs can deal heavy damage to enemies or provide a useful distraction in combat. Here are some examples of explosive concoctions that an alchemist can create.

  • Thunderstone: A small stone that explodes with a loud bang, causing creatures within a ten-foot radius to be deafened temporarily.
  • Acidic Fire: A sticky fluid that deals both acid and fire damage to targets within a 5-foot radius.
  • Flash Powder: A powder that, when ignited, creates a bright flash of light, blinding creatures within a 15-foot radius.

Healing Concoctions

Alchemical potions can do more than just damage enemies. They can also heal allies or provide temporary boosts. Here are some examples of healing concoctions an alchemist can make.

  • Healing Potion: A potion that heals a creature for a certain amount of hit points.
  • Elixir of Mind: A potion that provides its imbiber the ability to gain proficiency in a skill or saves advantage on Wisdom Saves.
  • Artisan’s Blessing: A potion that enhances its partaker to have an additional D4 roll for tool proficiencies and versatility in crafting.

Utility Concoctions

Alchemists can create a variety of concoctions that have utility in and out of combat. Here are some examples of useful potions that an Artificer Alchemist Build can craft.

  • Invisibility Potion: A potion that grants invisibility to the drinker, allowing them to sneak past enemies undetected.
  • Climbing Salve: A salve that allows the user to climb walls and other surfaces as if they had Spider Climb.
  • Water Breathing Potion: A potion that enables the drinker to breathe underwater for a limited amount of time.
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As an Artificer Alchemist, you have access to specialized equipment that can aid you in your adventures. Here are some examples of the equipment an alchemist might possess.

Alchemist Supplies

Alchemist supplies are a crucial part of an alchemist’s equipment. These items include beakers, flasks, and other laboratory equipment required to craft infusions and chemicals.

Thieves Tools

Thieves’ tools are a set of tools used to pick locks and disarm traps. Alchemists can use these tools to infiltrate enemy strongholds and obtain rare and valuable ingredients for their concoctions.

Artificer Infusions & Spellcasting

Artificers possess Infusions, which are magical creations they can imbue with a variety of mystical talents. They also have access to spells; their spell choices, as explained earlier, revolve around creating both beneficial and explosive potions.

Advantages of the Alchemist Artificer Build

The Artificer Alchemist Build has several advantages that can benefit the entire party. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Alchemists are a versatile class, able to create explosive and healing concoctions that can be useful in and out of combat. Additionally, they can craft infusions from various materials to aid them and their allies in many different situations.

Control the Battlefield

Alchemical concoctions allow alchemists to control the battlefield by throwing various explosives, imposing debuffs on enemies, and impeding movements. With their wide range of tools, alchemists can always adapt to changing situations.


Alchemists can play a support role in a party. They can heal party members, create potions that increase strength or dexterity, and craft magical artifacts that aid in non-combat situations, such as deciphering ancient runes or picking locks.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Artificer Alchemist Build is a fun and unique way to play Dungeons & Dragons. It allows you to get your inner mad scientist out by experimenting with various mixtures and gadgets. With its many advantages, including versatility and control over the battlefield, it’s a crucial asset to any party. If you’re looking to try something different and unconventional, look no further than the Artificer Alchemist Build!

A Helpful Table

Concoction Name Effect
Thunderstone Creates a loud bang, deafening creatures within 10 ft.
Acidic Fire Deals acid and fire damage within a 5-ft radius.
Flash Powder Produces a bright flash blinding creatures within 15ft
Healing Potion Heals a creature for a specific hit points
Elixir of Mind Provides temporary proficiency or saves advantage
Artisan’s Blessing Enhances tool proficiencies, versatile crafting
Invisibility Potion Grants limited invisibility to the drinker
Climbing Salve Enables the user to climb walls and surfaces
Water-Breathing Potion Enables the drinker to breathe underwater

Two Lists


  • Versatile
  • Control the battlefield
  • Support
  • Invaluable asset to party


  • Alchemist Supplies
  • Thieves Tools
  • Artificer Infusions & Spellcasting


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