Gone but Not Forgotten, Skorupski Funeral Home Obituaries Bay City Keeps Em’ Laughing

Gone but Not Forgotten, Skorupski Funeral Home Obituaries Bay City Keeps Em’ Laughing

Funerals are somber affairs that nobody wants to attend. Death is a taboo subject that nobody would like to discuss. However, Skorupski Funeral Home has found an innovative way to ease the pain of the bereaved family and friends. They have been publishing exuberant obituaries that celebrate the life of the departed instead of mourning the death.

Unforgettable Departures

“No standard obituaries” is the first rule at Skorupski Funeral Home. They have made it their mission to write obituaries that will keep the memories of the departed person alive. They make sure that the narrative perfectly captures the essence of the departed. They do not write about the departed person’s date of birth, education, job history, and cause of death. Instead, they capture the departed person’s quirks, hobbies, funny moments, and unique characteristics that defined them. The result is something that is worth reading, not because someone has died, but because a remarkable and hilarious journey has been shared.

“Remembered through laughter” is the second rule at Skorupski Funeral Home. They believe that death should be a celebration of life, not a mourning of death. They also believe that the departed person would have loved to see their family and friends smiling while celebrating their journey. Skorupski Funeral Home makes sure that the obituary is written in a way that it keeps the memories of the departed person alive by making people laugh.

Humorous Obituaries

“The Funniest Obituary” is the one that has caught the attention of many people. They wrote about Taylina Lomax, who died at the young age of 32. Taylina Lomax’s narrative started by saying that she loved to make jokes but never got past two sentences before laughing at them herself. Then it went on to say, “Taylina also loved dancing, even when it was inappropriate. Like on the street. Or at a funeral. Or at a jogger in the park. She didn’t care. Taylina just loved to cut a rug.” The narrative ended with “As Taylina said, ‘I’m not afraid of death; I just don’t want to be there when it happens.'” This humorous obituary perfectly captured and celebrated Taylina’s fun-loving spirit.

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Celebrating Life

Skorupski Funeral Home believes that smiling is the best way to celebrate life. They have made it their mission to make the people who attend their funerals smile. They also want the families who have lost their loved ones to remember them through laughter. They want the funny moments to be forever etched in the memories of those who came to celebrate the departed person’s journey. Skorupski Funeral Home knows how to respect the departed person’s soul while celebrating the life they lived.

Funny Quotes

The following quotes prove that Skorupski Funeral Home knows how to make the funeral experience fun and memorable:

  • “If someone could write my obituary like a Dr. Seuss book, that would be really great. It could start like this: ‘Here lies (insert my name here). She had a great run, but it’s time to go, dear.'”
  • “When I die, I want everyone to know that I died of natural causes. Namely, I didn’t plan on getting hit by a bus, but who can predict the future?”
  • “My grandfather always said, ‘When I die, I want everyone to laugh, cry, and dance at my funeral. And preferably not in that order.'”

Legacy Table

The following table is a tribute to the departed souls who have been remembered through laughter by Skorupski Funeral Home:

Departed Soul Age Quirks Famous Quote
Jim White 64 He loved fishing and always wore Hawaiian shirts. “If I don’t catch anything today, I’ll have to go fishing again tomorrow.”
Mary Smith 73 She had an entire room dedicated to her cat’s toys. “I used to think cats were independent until I got one. Now I know that they are needy and demanding creatures.”
Tom Green 49 He was a die-hard sports fan who would yell at the TV all day long. “I never missed a game, and if I did, I’d record it and watch it later. It’s not the same, but it’s better than nothing.”
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Tips for Writing Humorous Obituaries

Skorupski Funeral Home has revolutionized the way obituaries are written. They have made the boring and somber ritual into something that can put a smile on people’s faces. Now, even other funeral homes are following suit. Here are some tips that can help you write a humorous obituary:

  1. Focus on the Departed Person’s Quirks: Instead of stating the obvious about the departed person, focus on their quirks and unique characteristics. This makes the narrative more personal and relatable.

  2. Use Humorous Language: Use language that is memorable, funny, and quirky. Make sure that the tone of the obituary reflects the departed person’s personality.

  3. Add Funny Anecdotes: Add little anecdotes that showcase the departed person’s sense of humor or unique traits. These anecdotes can help the readers gain a better understanding of the departed person’s personality.

  4. End it on a Positive, Uplifting Note: The obituary should end on a positive note that celebrates the departed person’s life. The readers should feel uplifted and inspired.


Skorupski Funeral Home has set an example for other funeral homes to follow. They have shown that a funeral can be a celebration of life, not a mourning of death. By writing humorous obituaries, they have kept the memories of the departed person alive through laughter. They have made the bereaved families and friends remember their loved ones with a smile instead of tears. If you are planning to write an obituary, take inspiration from Skorupski Funeral Home and celebrate the departed person’s life with humor.


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