Isaac Jenkins Mikell House: Where Ghosts and Antiques Coexist!

Looking for a place where you can experience both the thrill of being spooked by ghosts and the wonder of admiring antiques? Look no further than the Isaac Jenkins Mikell House in Beaufort, South Carolina! This historical house is famous not only for its impressive architecture but also for its eerie and spine-chilling paranormal activity.

Isaac Jenkins Mikell House: A Brief Introduction

Built in the early 1850s by a wealthy planter, the Isaac Jenkins Mikell House is a stunning example of Greek Revival architecture. It boasts large porticos, grand columns, and ornate ironwork, making it a landmark in the city. Its unique features were recognized when it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976. But, as it turns out, there’s more to the Isaac Jenkins Mikell House than just a pretty facade.

The Haunted House

The Isaac Jenkins Mikell House is reportedly haunted by multiple spirits, which adds a bone-chilling factor to the house’s already rich history. Visitors have reported experiencing cold spots, uneasy feelings, and even sightings of apparitions. So, if you’re easily spooked, then beware: you’re in for a creepy ride!

Who Are the Ghosts That Occupy the House?

One of the most famous ghosts that supposedly haunts the Isaac Jenkins Mikell House is a woman and her baby. Legend has it that the woman was a former slave who fell in love with her master and had a child with him. However, when her master eventually ended the relationship, she was left heartbroken and took her own life by jumping from the balcony of the house. Some visitors to the house have reported seeing the apparition of a woman holding a baby, and it is said that her ghost can be heard crying in the upstairs bedrooms.

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Apart from the woman and her baby, other ghosts that reportedly haunt the house include a man who once owned the house, his daughter, and a Confederate soldier. Visitors have reported seeing the daughter peering out of the house’s windows and the Confederate soldier wandering around the property.

The Paranormal Activity Inside Isaac Jenkins Mikell House

Apart from sightings of apparitions, visitors to the Isaac Jenkins Mikell House have also reported other strange occurrences. Terry Gore, a local ghost expert, has investigated the property and reported seeing furniture move on its own and hearing unexplainable noises. If that isn’t enough to creep you out, Terry also reported feeling cold chills and hearing voices calling his name.

Touring the Haunted House

Despite the creepy paranormal activity, visitors are still allowed to tour the Isaac Jenkins Mikell House. You can take a guided tour of the property or wander around at your leisure. However, bear in mind that you’ll be visiting a haunted house! So, please refrain from provoking any ghostly inhabitants with your shenanigans!

The Antiques Inside the House

The Isaac Jenkins Mikell House also houses a rich collection of antiques, which is reason enough for history lovers to visit this iconic property. These antique pieces hark back to the 19th century, and include a variety of unique items such as period furniture, porcelain, and silver collections. So, if you have a fondness for all things vintage and antique, then this is an excellent opportunity to fulfill your craving!

Isaac Jenkins Mikell House: A Treasure Trove of Antique Furniture

Walking through the house, you’ll come across an array of antique furniture that will make your head spin with delight. For instance, the house has a stunning four-poster bed made out of tiger maple that is simply breathtaking. However, it’s not just the beds that are impressive – the parlor is similarly furnished with intricate pieces that reveal the wealth and status of its former inhabitants.

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Porcelain and Silver Collections

Apart from furniture, the Isaac Jenkins Mikell House also houses an impressive collection of fine porcelain and silverware. Visitors can admire the intricate details and unique designs of each object, which highlights the beauty and elegance of past eras.

The Isaac Jenkins Mikell House: A Unique Tourist Destination

The Isaac Jenkins Mikell House is a unique tourist destination that gives visitors the chance to experience both the thrill of being spooked by ghosts and the wonder of admiring antique collections. Whether you’re a history buff, a chilling horror enthusiast, or just someone who wants to dabble in both, the Isaac Jenkins Mikell House is an excellent choice.

Isaac Jenkins Mikell House:

  • A combination of spookiness and beauty all in one place
  • A perfect attraction for families, friends, or solo adventurers
  • A chance to soak up the history and culture of South Carolina.

Table of Notable Haunted Houses in the US

For the curious reader, here is a table of other notable haunted houses in the US:

Name of Haunted House Location Reported Paranormal Activity
The Myrtles Plantation Louisiana Apparitions, ghostly voices, cold spots
The Whaley House California Apparitions, unexplained noises, cold chills
The Lemp Mansion Missouri Apparitions, ghostly voices, strange noises
The Stanley Hotel Colorado Apparitions, ghostly voices, unexplained noises


The Isaac Jenkins Mikell House is a unique attraction for those looking to experience both the thrills of being spooked and the beauty of admiring objects from a bygone era. Whether you’re a history buff, a paranormal enthusiast, or just someone looking for a different tourist experience, the Isaac Jenkins Mikell House is a must-visit destination. So, why not take a chance and indulge your curiosity? Who knows, you just might encounter a ghostly presence or stumble upon an antique treasure! But, hey, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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