Laser Sploder BL3: The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction (in Borderlands 3)

Are you tired of using the same old weapons in Borderlands 3? Are you looking for a weapon that can turn you into an ultimate killing machine? Look no further than the Laser Sploder BL3. This weapon packs some serious heat, has a sleek design, and can blow up anything that stands in your way! So let’s dive in and see what makes Laser Sploder BL3 the ultimate weapon of mass destruction in Borderlands 3.

What is Laser Sploder BL3?

Laser Sploder BL3 is a hybrid weapon that combines the features of a laser and a rocket launcher. This weapon was first introduced in Borderlands 2 and since then, it has been a fan favorite. In Borderlands 3, the Laser Sploder BL3 comes in different types, elements, and can do massive damage.

The Design

The Laser Sploder BL3 has a unique design that resembles a futuristic assault rifle. The gun’s barrel is long and sleek, and the body is made of a combination of metal and plastic. The gun also has a small circular screen on the left side that shows you how much ammo you have left.

Types of Laser Sploder BL3

There are three types of Laser Sploder BL3 in Borderlands 3 – Corrosive, Incendiary, and Radiation. Each has its own unique ability that is ideal for different scenarios.

Corrosive Laser Sploder BL3

Corrosive Laser Sploder BL3 is best used to fight against armored enemies, such as robots or tanks. The weapon unleashes a stream of corrosive damage that eats through the enemy’s armor and weakens them. This effect can be stacked, enabling it to deal massive damage over time.

Incendiary Laser Sploder BL3

Incendiary Laser Sploder BL3 is a weapon that shoots out burning plasma that deals massive damage to flesh. This weapon is ideal for fighting against enemies that are weak to fire or for taking down tough mini-bosses that have regenerative healing abilities.

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Radiation Laser Sploder BL3

Radiation Laser Sploder BL3 shoots out radioactive energy that blasts through enemies and can cause a chain reaction between mutants. If you are looking for a weapon that will vaporize your enemies instantly, then Radiation Laser Sploder BL3 is your best bet.

How to Get Laser Sploder BL3

To obtain the Laser Sploder BL3, you need to farm bosses or complete rare side quests that offer a chance to get it. These quests are scattered around the game, and they don’t appear as conventional missions; you need to keep your eyes peeled and be willing to explore the game’s world.

Pro Tip: Gear up with a good Rocket Launcher, Shield, and Grenade to maximize the potential of your Laser Sploder BL3.

Laser Sploder BL3 Builds

Laser Sploder BL3 has multiple builds that you can work on to achieve different outcomes. Some builds focus on doing maximum damage, while others focus on providing benefits for co-op play. Here are some of the best Laser Sploder BL3 builds that you can work on.

Laser Sploder BL3/ Flak Build

This build focuses on using Radiation Laser Sploder BL3 with Flak, the Beastmaster’s pet. By doing so, you can cause massive damage to the enemy as the pet’s attack gets boosted by the irradiation effect.

Zane/ Laser Sploder BL3

Zane is an operative in Borderlands 3 who has the ability to activate multiple action skills at once. This build focuses on using Laser Sploder BL3 with Zane’s action skills to cause maximum damage.

Amara/ Laser Sploder BL3

Amara is a Siren in Borderlands 3 who has the ability to control the elements. This build focuses on using Incendiary Laser Sploder BL3 with Amara’s elemental skills to take down large groups of enemies.

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Batteries Not Included

The Laser Sploder BL3 requires batteries to operate – serious ones. You can use this weapon for a limited time before it runs out of battery power. Once it runs out of battery, you need to recharge it before you can use it again.

Pro Tip: Always check your ammo before going into battle. You don’t want to end up without juice in the middle of a firefight.

Table of Laser Sploder BL3 Types

Here is a helpful table that shows you the different types of Laser Sploder BL3 and their unique features.

Type of Laser Sploder BL3 Unique Feature
Corrosive Can eat through armor and deal massive damage over time.
Incendiary Deals massive damage to flesh and is great for mini-bosses.
Radiation Can vaporize enemy mutants and cause chain reactions.

How to Use Laser Sploder BL3

Using the Laser Sploder BL3 is easy. All you have to do is aim at your enemy and pull the trigger. The weapon will shoot out a stream of laser or a rocket, depending on the mode you are in. You can switch between the two modes by pressing the button that is assigned to it.

Pro Tip: Lasers tend to travel faster than rockets, so use lasers when you need to hit fast-moving enemies. Rockets are great for stationary targets or groups of enemies.

A Brief History of Laser Sploder BL3

The Laser Sploder BL3 was first introduced in Borderlands 2, where it quickly became a fan favorite. The weapon’s design was updated for Borderlands 3, and it was given additional features that made it even more powerful. The Laser Sploder has become a staple weapon for many Borderlands players, and it is known for causing mayhem and destruction wherever it goes.

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Laser Sploder BL3: The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction

Overall, the Laser Sploder BL3 is an incredibly powerful weapon that can turn you into a killing machine. With its unique design, multiple types, and ability to deal massive damage, the Laser Sploder BL3 is perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement in Borderlands 3. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start farming bosses and rare quests to get your hands on this ultimate weapon of mass destruction!


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