Love in the Time of Jenna and Aden: Still Together in 2023!

“Jenna and Aden” – if this couple doesn’t ring a bell, you probably haven’t been on social media this past decade. Their love story has been the talk of the town, well, the talk of the whole world, ever since they met in 2012. Ahead of all odds, they’ve proven that true love can withstand the test of time. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this power-couple’s journey and see what makes their relationship work so well.

The Beginning of the Love Story

It all started back in 2012 when Jenna and Aden met at a college party. They both were in their early twenties, and destiny brought them together – as they both reached for the same slice of pizza at the same time. From there, they struck up a conversation, exchanged numbers, and started dating. However, it wasn’t all roses and sunshine.

Overcoming Obstacles

In the early days of their relationship, they faced adversity, especially from their families. Jenna’s mom was skeptical of Aden because he had a different cultural background, and Aden’s parents always had someone else in mind for him – someone from the same culture. However, these hurdles only made Jenna and Aden’s bond stronger. They recognized that their love was worth fighting for, and they did.

They Do Work Depending on the Seasons

Jenna and Aden’s relationship has always been unique from the start. In the early days of their relationship, they would spend hours on the phone at night, sharing everything from their day to day routine to their most personal fears and ambitions. As their relationship progressed, Jenna and Aden discovered that they were both workaholics. They didn’t just love each other; they also were heavily invested in their careers.

So, what did they do? They both understood that they needed space to make their respective careers work. Thus, they established a rule where the Spring-Summer season belongs to Jenna’s projects, while the Fall-Winter season belongs to Aden’s projects. It may sound like a complicated system, but for them, it worked like a charm!

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Kids Be Crazy

In 2018, Jenna and Aden decided they wanted to start a family together. But, as fate would have it, they faced yet another challenge. Jenna suffered from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal disorder that can impede conception. With medication and the help of a trusted doctor, Jenna was able to conceive. They were blessed with a son, who they named Max.

What Makes Their Love Story So Special?

Jenna and Aden are a true embodiment of the meme phrase- “There’s no recipe to a perfect relationship.” Yet they have a lot of things in their favor.

Communication is more critical than Cupcakes

Jenna and Aden have mastered the art of communication. This means not just listening to each other, but also giving each other feedback. They never hesitate to express their feelings, no matter how raw or uncomfortable they are. It has helped them to address their problems head-on and avoid toxic rumors from piling up.

Friends with Benefits

Jenna and Aden’s friends and family are an essential part of their lives. They are there to celebrate milestones, provide support when things get tough, and cheer them up when they’re feeling down. They never forget to incorporate the opinions of their loved ones into their decision-making process. That is not to say that they rely entirely on them for their relationship, but their opinions matter.

Making Time for Each Other is Essential

Even though Jenna and Aden’s careers keep them busy, they always make time for each other. They have date nights every week, where they put their phones away and enjoy spending time with each other. Whether it’s a fancy dinner or just a Netflix and chill night, they know what it takes to keep their spark alive.

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How They Keep their Relationship Going

Jenna and Aden’s love story has caught the attention of the public, and many people wonder how they keep things going. Here are a few things that have worked for them:

Being Each Other’s Support System

Jenna and Aden have made it a priority to support each other’s dreams wholeheartedly, including their offbeat career choices. When Jenna decided to open up her own art studio, Aden was there with her to carry out the licensing processes. When Aden landed a role in a biopic, Jenna turned up for every shoot. They have each other’s back at all times, no matter what.


As a couple, Jenna and Aden realized early on that they have differences. Sometimes they don’t agree on certain things, but it rarely escalates into a fight. They acknowledge their differences and try to find a common ground to work on. They make compromises with each other, knowing that love is about teamwork, and teamwork involves compromise.


Trust is the foundation of any stable relationship, and Jenna and Aden’s story is no different. They have trust in each other and their relationship. They have never given each other a reason to doubt each other or their love for each other. Whether it’s making their own decisions or going on work trips, they know that their partner will never hurt them intentionally.


Jenna and Aden have defied all odds and proved that true love conquers all. It’s not every day that we come across a love story like theirs, but it goes to show that love is possible, even in this chaotic world. There’s no doubt that love can be challenging, but Jenna and Aden’s story proves that love has the power to get us through any hardship. Love is worth fighting for, just like Jenna and Aden did.

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Table: Reasons Why Jenna and Aden’s Relationship Works So Well

Reasons Explanation
Communication Both Jenna and Aden have mastered the art of communication. They listen and respond to each other, providing feedback and support.
Family and friends They have a great support system in the form of their friends and family. Their loved ones play a major role in their lives, and their opinions matter.
Quality Time Even though both of them are busy with their careers, they make time for each other. They share weekly date nights where they can connect and have a good time.
Trust Trust is the foundation of their relationship. They trust each other unconditionally and have never given each other a reason not to.
Support Jenna and Aden support each other’s dreams, no matter how unconventional they are. They are each other’s cheerleaders at all times.


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