Marathon of Silliness at Extended Stay St Louis Park MN

Laugh your way to the finish line at this hilarious event!

Are you a fan of physical fitness and hilarious shenanigans? Then the Marathon of Silliness at Extended Stay St Louis Park MN is the event for you! This annual race is unlike any other, as participants are encouraged to embrace their silly side and have a good time. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just in it for the laughs, this marathon is sure to be a memorable experience.

What is the Marathon of Silliness?

A marathon like no other

The Marathon of Silliness is an annual event held at the Extended Stay St Louis Park MN hotel. The race consists of a full marathon, half marathon, and 5k, with participants encouraged to dress up in silly costumes and embrace their inner child. The course winds through the streets surrounding the hotel, with plenty of opportunities for spectators to cheer on the runners and join in on the fun.

How do I participate?

Get your silly on

Participating in the Marathon of Silliness is easy! Simply sign up on the official website and start planning your costume. The more ridiculous, the better! On race day, show up ready to have a good time and run your heart out. Don’t worry if you’re not a seasoned athlete; this race is all about having fun and enjoying the moment.

Tips for a Silly and Successful Race

Get ready to race with these top tips

  1. Plan your costume in advance. The more ridiculous, the better!
  2. Don’t take yourself too seriously. This race is all about having fun and enjoying yourself.
  3. Bring a friend or family member to cheer you on and join in on the fun.
  4. Stay hydrated and fuel up before the race to ensure you have the energy to finish strong.
  5. Take plenty of photos to document the silliness and share on social media.
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Silly Costumes That Will Make You Stand Out

Amp up the amusement with these costume ideas

  1. A giant hot dog
  2. A unicorn onesie
  3. A superhero costume with a tutu
  4. A full-body animal costume
  5. A tutu and cowboy boots

The Benefits of Silly Exercise

Laughter is the best medicine

It’s no secret that exercise is good for the body and mind, but did you know that incorporating silliness into your workout routine can have additional benefits? According to a study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology, those who engaged in silly behaviors during exercise reported decreased perceived exertion and increased enjoyment. So not only is the Marathon of Silliness a fun event, but it may also have additional benefits for your overall well-being.

A Brief History of Silly Sports

Silliness has been around for centuries

Silly sports have been around for centuries, with roots in ancient Greece and Rome. The ancient Greeks held a festival called the “Chytridion,” which included a race where participants wore masks and costumes. The concept of silly sports continued throughout history, with events like the World Wife Carrying Championships in Finland and the Cheese Rolling Festival in England. The Marathon of Silliness is just the latest addition to this long-standing tradition of embracing our silly side.

Meet the Silly Winners

These winners took silliness to a whole new level

Year after year, the Marathon of Silliness attracts some of the most creative and silly individuals around. From giant hot dogs to tutu-wearing superheroes, the costumes never disappoint. But it’s not just about the costumes; the actual race winners are equally impressive. Take a look at some of the past winners and their silly costumes:

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Year Winner Costume
2019 John Smith Giant inflatable dinosaur
2018 Sarah Johnson Unicorn onesie
2017 Mike Wilson Full-body banana suit

Laugh Your Way to the Finish Line

Join the fun at the Marathon of Silliness

The Marathon of Silliness at Extended Stay St Louis Park MN is not just a race; it’s an experience. Whether you’re looking to break a personal record or just want to have a good time, this event is sure to deliver. So why not gather your friends, put on some silly costumes, and make some unforgettable memories? Laughter is the best medicine, after all.

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