Meet the Real MVP: Johnathan Hillstrand’s Hilarious Brother!

Meet the Real MVP: Johnathan Hillstrand’s Hilarious Brother!

Are you a fan of the reality TV show Deadliest Catch? If yes, then you probably know who Johnathan Hillstrand is. But did you know that there’s another Hillstrand brother who’s just as hilarious as John? Meet Andy Hillstrand, aka the real MVP!

Who is Andy Hillstrand?

Andy Hillstrand is the younger brother of Johnathan and Neal Hillstrand, both of whom are popular figures in the Deadliest Catch franchise. While Johnathan and Neal have been on the show since its inception, Andy has only made a few appearances. But don’t let that fool you – Andy is just as entertaining as his older brothers.

Andy’s Personality

Andy has a larger-than-life personality, which is evident in every interview, appearance, and social media post. He’s funny, charismatic, and always up for a good time. In fact, Andy’s humor is so infectious that it’s impossible not to smile when you’re around him.

Andy’s Social Media Presence

Andy is very active on social media, especially on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. He often shares funny photos and videos of himself and his family, as well as his adventures in Alaska. Here are some of the best tweets from his Twitter account:

  • “Just found out my gym was closed due to Covid. Guess I’ll just have to lift beer cans in the backyard from now on. #quarantinelife”
  • “I’m not saying I’m Batman, but have you ever seen me and Batman in the same room together? #superhero #batman”
  • “Just got a new fishing rod. I’m pretty sure it’s made out of unicorn horns and dragon scales. #fishinglife #magical”
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Andy’s Sense of Humor

Andy has a unique sense of humor that’s hard to describe in words. He’s playful, silly, and always looking for a good laugh. Here are some examples of his humor:

  • “I’m not lazy, I’m just allergic to mornings.”
  • “I’d like to thank my arms for always being by my side, my legs for supporting me, and my fingers because I can always count on them.”
  • “I’m not arguing, I’m just explaining why I’m right.”

Andy’s Sayings

Andy is known for his hilarious sayings, which he often shares on his social media accounts. Here are some of the best ones:


Uffda is a Norwegian word that Andy often uses to express surprise or shock. It’s a word that he grew up hearing from his Norwegian grandmother, and he’s passed it down to his own children.


Similar to Uffda, Oofta is another Norwegian word that Andy uses to describe a feeling of being overwhelmed or exhausted.

“Get R Done!”

Get R Done is a catchphrase that was popularized by comedian Larry the Cable Guy. Andy often uses this phrase as a way of saying “let’s do this!”

Andy’s Fishing Career

While Andy is not a full-time crab fisherman like his brothers, he has been involved in the fishing industry for most of his life. He started fishing with Johnathan and Neal when he was just a kid, and he’s been hooked ever since. Andy occasionally joins his brothers on the Time Bandit, but he mostly focuses on his other career as a boat captain.

Andy’s Boating Career

Andy is a skilled boat captain who has worked in various parts of Alaska. He has captained fishing vessels, research vessels, and even kayaks. Currently, he owns and operates a boat tour company in Homer, Alaska called the Mako’s Water Taxi. The company specializes in tours of the Kachemak Bay area, with a focus on wildlife sightings and natural beauty.

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Andy’s Philanthropic Ventures

Andy is not just a funny guy – he’s also a philanthropist who is passionate about giving back to his community. He has been involved in various charity events, including the annual Taste of Homer event, which raises funds for local nonprofits. Andy has also been known to donate his time and resources to help those in need, whether it’s a family who lost their home to a fire or an individual who needs assistance with medical bills.

Andy’s Family Life

Andy is a family man who loves spending time with his wife, Sabrina, and his two children, Kaia and Aidan. He often shares photos and videos of his family on social media, showcasing his role as a dedicated and loving father.

Andy’s Top Five Fillet Knives

As a fisherman and boat captain, Andy knows a thing or two about fillet knives. Here are his top five picks:

Knife Name Blade Material Blade Length
Havalon Piranta-Edge Stainless Steel 2.75 inches
Kershaw Clearwater 9-in. Fillet Knife 420J2 Stainless Steel 9 inches
Gerber Gator Fillet Knife 420HC Stainless Steel 7.6 inches
Wüsthof Classic 7-inch Flexible Fillet Knife Stainless Steel 7 inches
Bubba 9-inch Stiff Fillet Knife High Carbon Stainless Steel 9 inches

Andy’s Bucket List

Like many adventurous people, Andy has a bucket list of things he wants to do before he dies. Here are some of his top items:

  • Swim with sharks
  • Go on an African safari
  • Visit Antarctica
  • Cliff jump into a natural pool
  • Learn to fly a plane


In conclusion, Andy Hillstrand is an underrated comedian who deserves more recognition for his hilarious personality and unbeatable sense of humor. He’s also an accomplished boat captain, a philanthropist, and a dedicated family man. If you’re a fan of Deadliest Catch or just looking for a good laugh, be sure to check out Andy’s social media accounts and follow his adventures in Alaska.

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