Padill-arious Adventures: The Must-Watch Daniel Padilla Movies and TV Shows!

Are you looking for some fantastic content to spice up your quarantine days? Well, look no further than the amazing work of Daniel Padilla! This talented Filipino actor, singer, and songwriter has been entertaining audiences for years with his stunning performances both in movies and on TV.

If you are not already familiar with his work or searching for your next movie marathon, you should undoubtedly check out Daniel Padilla’s films and TV shows. Trust me when I say this: this is the content you’ve been looking for!

So, let’s dive into the world of Padill-arious adventures with this must-watch list of Daniel Padilla’s movies and TV shows.

Daniel Padilla’s Early Life and Career

Before discussing his work extensively, let’s take a quick look at Daniel Padilla’s background. Born on April 26, 1995, in Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines, Daniel Padilla is the son of actors Karla Estrada and Rommel Padilla.

He started his career in 2010 as a supporting cast member in the TV series “Gimik 2010” and his big break came in 2011 with the blockbuster movie “Way Back Home.” Since then, he has starred in several films and television series, gaining recognition as one of the most successful actors of his generation.

Must-Watch Daniel Padilla Movies

Here are the top five Daniel Padilla movies that are worth your precious time:

1. Crazy Beautiful You (2015)

The perfect combo of romance, comedy, and drama, this movie will keep you hooked until its climax. Daniel Padilla plays the role of a rebellious teenager who gets caught up in some mayhem, while the charming Kathryn Bernardo plays his love interest. The movie is an excellent blend of breathtaking views, a fun storyline, and exquisite performances by the cast.

2. Barcelona: A Love Untold (2016)

A heartwarming love story between Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo’s characters unfolds in the beautiful city of Barcelona. Both Padilla and Bernardo delivered outstanding performances which perfectly complemented the story’s emotional depth. It’s a must-watch for anyone who likes romantic dramas with a touch of humor.

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3. The Hows of Us (2018)

Daniel Padilla plays as Primo, and Kathryn Bernardo plays as George, a married couple who navigates the ups and downs of their relationship. This movie is an intense examination of love, commitment, and the struggles of being in a long-term relationship. You will get highly impressed with the heart-touching storytelling and exceptional performances by the leads.

4. She’s Dating The Gangster (2014)

Based on the best-selling story novel of the same name, this movie follows the lives of Athena Dizon and Kenji Delos Reyes’ young love story. Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo shine in one of their best performances yet, portraying the perfect balance of humor and emotion.

5. The Breakup Playlist (2015)

Suppose you are in a mood for a movie that focuses on music, romance and portrays a unique storyline. This movie is worth your time, and you can watch Daniel Padilla as the young and vibrant rocker Gino, who falls in love with the college scholar and a talented violinist, played by Sarah Geronimo. The exceptional performances by the cast and fantastic music make this movie a must-watch.

Unforgettable Daniel Padilla TV Shows

Daniel Padilla also has a fantastic portfolio in TV dramas, and here are the best ones that you should watch:

1. Pangako Sa’Yo (2015)

This show is the perfect blend of romance, thriller and will keep you hooked from the very beginning. Daniel Padilla shines as the brother of the lead male protagonist in this classic tale of forbidden love. It’s a thrilling and intense drama that will leave a lasting impression on you.

2. Princess and I (2012)

This TV series revolves around Daniel Padilla’s character, a prince who fell in love with Kathyrn Bernardo’s character, the illegitimate daughter of a former prince. The show features thrilling twists, charming romance, and amazing performances that make it one of Padilla’s most memorable TV appearances.

3. Got To Believe (2013)

A story about teenage love that is both sweet and touching, Got To Believe follows Daniel Padilla’s character, a rebellious boy who falls in love with the always-optimistic Kathyrn Bernardo. This series is worth watching for its brilliant performances by the cast and exciting plot twists.

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4. La Luna Sangre (2017)

In this supernatural thriller series, Daniel Padilla portrays the character of Mateo Rodriguez, a young man born with a unique capability that made him the focus of a power struggle between a group of vampires and werewolves. The show features incredible special effects and breathtaking stunts that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

5. Dolce Amore (2016)

Dolce Amore, an out-of-the-box romantic TV series with Daniel Padilla as the lead male protagonist, is a must-watch. The story revolves around a young girl traveling to the Philippines to unravel her family history, and inevitably, she falls in love. It’s a unique series with excellent performances, witty dialogues, and unforgettable characters.

Bonus Content: Want to know more about this fantastic actor?

Let’s dive into the 15 Fun Facts about Daniel Padilla to help you get to know this fantastic actor better:

  1. Daniel Padilla is half-Spanish and half-Filipino.
  2. He started playing Guitar at the young age of 14, which helped him gain recognition as a singer and a musician.
  3. He is really close to his parents and often shares quality time with them.
  4. He was part of a boy’s dance group called ‘BIO.’
  5. Daniel Padilla was offered his first film role in ‘Way Back Home’ immediately after losing his grandfather.
  6. He is a cat lover and the proud owner of two cats named Buboy and Zola.
  7. Daniel Padilla has a passion for cars, and he loves to collect sports cars and bikes.
  8. He is superstitious and often visits a fortune-teller before films and TV shoots.
  9. Daniel Padilla’s favorite superhero is Superman.
  10. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball and video games.
  11. Daniel Padilla has a massive following on social media, with over 16.6 million followers on Instagram.
  12. He has received several prestigious awards for his work in film and television.
  13. Padilla shared that he admires actor Tom Hardy and considers him his influence.
  14. He has co-starred with his girlfriend Kathryn Bernardo in several movies and TV dramas.
  15. Daniel Padilla admitted that he is a certified introvert and prefers to stay in one corner alone during gatherings and events.
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Daniel Padilla is a fantastic actor and musician who has mesmerized audiences with his performances both on the big screen and on TV. From his humble beginnings to becoming one of the most sought-after actors of his generation, he has won numerous awards both for his music and acting.

This list of his top movies and TV shows will assist you in finding your next quarantine binge. All of the shows and movies mentioned in this article are worth watching, and Daniel Padilla’s fantastic performances will not disappoint you.

So grab some popcorn, get comfy, and dive into the world of Padill-arious adventures!

Helpful Table

Movies/TV Shows Genre IMDb Rating
Crazy Beautiful You Romance, Comedy, Drama 8.0
Barcelona: A Love Untold Romance, Drama 7.4
The Hows of Us Romance, Drama 7.3
She’s Dating The Gangster Comedy, Drama, Romance 7.5
The Breakup Playlist Romance, Drama, Music 7.1
Pangako Sa’Yo Romance, Drama, Thriller 7.5
Princess and I Romance, Drama 7.7
Got To Believe Romance, Drama 7.3
La Luna Sangre Supernatural, Action, Thriller 6.6
Dolce Amore Romance, Comedy, Drama 6.9


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