Paint the Town (and Your Deck) with Thompson Water Seal Solid Stain Colors!

Are you tired of the same ol’ boring backyard? Do you want to add some pizazz to your patio? Well, look no further, my friend! Thompson Water Seal Solid Stain Colors will not only protect your deck from the elements, but also make it the talk of the town!

What is Thompson Water Seal Solid Stain Colors?

Before we dive into the beautiful rainbow of colors, let’s first understand what Thompson Water Seal Solid Stain Colors is. Thompson Water Seal is a brand that specializes in creating products that protect outdoor surfaces from mother nature’s harsh elements. Their Solid Stain line is no exception.

A Solid Stain is a type of finish that sits on top of the wood, rather than soaking into it like a regular stain would. This means it will not change the texture of the wood itself, but will instead provide a smooth, consistent color.

Think of it like putting on a pair of colored sunglasses. The wood is the same, but the appearance changes.

Why Use Thompson Water Seal Solid Stain Colors?

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “But why should I use Thompson Water Seal Solid Stain Colors instead of just regular old spray paint?” Great question, friend. You see, Solid Stain has a much longer life than paint. Paint can peel, crack, and fade in a matter of months. But Solid Stain can last years without having to be repainted.

Additionally, Solid Stain allows the wood to breathe, which means it will not trap moisture and cause the wood to rot or warp. It also makes the wood more resistant to mildew growth, which is always a plus.

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The Rainbow of Colors

Now, for the fun part! The Solid Stain line from Thompson Water Seals comes in over 100 different colors. That’s right, one hundred.

That’s enough colors to make even a unicorn blush.

From the classic “Chestnut Brown” to the daring “Fire Engine Red,” there is a color for every style and personality. And the best part? Thompson Water Seal Solid Stain Colors can be used on any outdoor surface, not just decks. So, go ahead and jazz up that toolshed, birdhouse, or even your mailbox!

Using Thompson Water Seal Solid Stain Colors

Applying Solid Stain is easy and can typically be done in one day. Here is a step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Clean the surface: Make sure the surface is clean of any dirt, debris, or old finish. Use Thompson Water Seal Cleaner and Brightener to do this.

  2. Sand the surface: If the surface has any rough patches, sand them down until smooth.

  3. Tape off edges: Use painter’s tape to tape off any areas that should not be stained.

  4. Apply the Solid Stain: Using a paintbrush, hand roller, or sprayer, apply the Solid Stain in long, even strokes.

  5. Let dry: Wait at least 24 hours before walking on the surface or laying anything on it.

  6. Add another coat (optional): If a darker or more consistent color is desired, add another coat of Solid Stain after the first coat has dried.

Thompson Water Seal Solid Stain Colors Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it, here are some real reviews from happy Solid Stain customers:

  • “I used Solid Stain on my deck and it looks like new! The Crimson Red color is vibrant and matches my personality perfectly. Plus, it was easy to apply and has held up great against rain and sun.” – Ashley T.

  • “I was skeptical at first, but after using Solid Stain on my fence, I am a believer! The Rosewood color is gorgeous and my fence looks brand new. And, after over a year, it still looks just as good as the day I applied it.” – John D.

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Thompson Water Seal Solid Stain Colors Table

Here is a helpful table to give you a better idea of the different color options available:

Color Name Color Example
Chestnut Brown [Example Image]
Harvest Gold [Example Image]
Cedar [Example Image]
Maple Brown [Example Image]
Rustic Red [Example Image]
Cherry Red [Example Image]
Fire Engine Red [Example Image]
Blue Slate [Example Image]
Hunter Green [Example Image]
Olive Green [Example Image]

Note: This is just a small sample of the color options available. Visit Thompson Water Seal’s website for the full range of colors.

Thompson Water Seal Solid Stain Colors FAQ

Here are some common questions customers have when using Thompson Water Seal Solid Stain Colors:

  1. Is Solid Stain only for use on decks? No! Solid Stain can be used on any outdoor surface, such as fences, siding, and even flower pots.

  2. Do I need to apply a sealer after using Solid Stain? No, you do not. Solid Stain includes a sealant within the formula, so no additional sealer is necessary.

  3. How long does Solid Stain last? Solid Stain can last several years before needing to be reapplied.

  4. Can I use Solid Stain indoors? No, Solid Stain is designed for outdoor use only.

  5. Is Solid Stain safe for children and pets? Yes, Solid Stain is safe for both children and pets once it has dried.

Thompson Water Seal Solid Stain Colors Tips

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when using Solid Stain:

  • Make sure to stir the Solid Stain well before using it.

  • Apply the Solid Stain when temperatures are between 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Always test the Solid Stain on a small, inconspicuous area before applying it to the entire surface.

  • Never apply Solid Stain to wet or damp wood.

  • Apply Solid Stain in the shade to avoid direct sunlight.

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In Conclusion

There you have it, folks! Thompson Water Seal Solid Stain Colors is the perfect solution for anyone looking to add some color and protection to their outdoor surfaces. With over 100 colors to choose from, there’s no excuse not to paint the town (and your deck) with Solid Stain.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start staining!


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