Paladin Power-Up: How to Smite Your Way through Baldur’s Gate 3

Paladin Power-Up: How to Smite Your Way through Baldur’s Gate 3

There’s nothing more satisfying than crushing your enemies beneath your armored boot as a righteous Paladin in Baldur’s Gate 3. As a divine warrior, you must uphold the values of justice and order, even in the chaotic world of Faerun. Forgiveness is for the weak, but smiting your enemies with holy fury is for the true champions of justice.

If you’re looking to smite your way through the game, then look no further. We’ve compiled a guide on how to power-up your Paladin and become a force to be reckoned with in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The Holy Trinity: Strength, Constitution, and Charisma

As a Paladin, your abilities will rely heavily on three primary attributes: Strength, Constitution, and Charisma. With these three attributes combined, you can dominate any battlefield.

Strength will determine your character’s physical prowess, allowing you to swing heavy weapons and deal massive damage. Constitution will keep you alive and kicking, giving you more hit points and a higher threshold for pain. Charisma is essential for your Paladin’s spellcasting abilities, allowing you to cast more potent spells and influence the minds of those around you.

Divine Smite: The Bread and Butter

As a Paladin, your signature move is the Divine Smite. This ability allows you to channel your deity’s power into your weapon, dealing more damage to your enemies. But don’t just use it willy-nilly; timing is key. Save your Divine Smite for when you’re facing an enemy with high health, or when you need to make a critical hit to finish them off.

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Spells, Spells, and More Spells

As a Paladin, you have access to some sweet spells that can help you in combat. One of the best spells in your arsenal is “Lay on Hands,” which allows you to heal yourself or an ally instantly. This spell is clutch when you’re facing tough enemies or need to revive a fallen comrade.

Another great spell is “Bless,” which grants you and your allies extra dice rolls for attacks and saving throws. The more dice rolls, the higher the chances of a critical hit, and the more likely you are to smite your foes.

Don’t forget about the “Shield of Faith” spell, which grants you or an ally an AC boost of 2. This extra defense can mean the difference between life and death in a tough battle.

Protect the Weak

As a Paladin, your role is not only to smite your enemies but also to protect your allies. After all, what’s a hero without a sidekick or two? Always keep an eye on your squishier allies, like your Ranger or your Wizard. Make sure they’re out of harm’s way and ready to deal some damage from behind the safety of your divine shield.

Equipment to Envy

As a Paladin, you need the best equipment to uphold the values of justice and order. There’s nothing more embarrassing than rolling into a boss fight with shoddy gear. Make sure you’re wearing the heaviest armor you can find, like Plate Mail or Splint Mail. These armors will boost your AC and keep you safe from harm.

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Don’t forget to equip yourself with a heavy weapon, like a Greatsword, Warhammer, or Maul. Heavy weapons equal heavy damage, and as a Paladin, you need all the damage you can get.

Questing for Power

As a Paladin, you must stay true to the quest at hand. It’s not all about getting loot and XP. Sometimes, the greatest reward is the satisfaction of helping someone in need. Always accept quests that are in line with your character’s values and moral code. Do the right thing, and your deity will reward you with more power and abilities.

Table: Paladin Spells

Level Spell Name Effect
1st Bless Allies gain extra rolls on attacks and saving throws
1st Cure Wounds Heal a target for 1d8 + spellcasting ability modifier
1st Shield of Faith Target’s AC increased by 2
1st Thunderous Smite Melee weapon attack deals an extra 2d6 thunder damage
2nd Find Steed Summon a loyal steed to aid you
2nd Lesser Restoration Remove one condition, such as poisoning or paralysis
2nd Zone of Truth Targets within a 15-ft radius must make a Charisma save or be unable to lie
2nd Branding Smite Melee weapon attack deals an extra 2d6 radiant damage

List: Powers and Abilities

  • Divine Smite – channel your deity’s power into your weapon for extra damage
  • Lay on Hands – heal yourself or an ally instantly
  • Bless – grant allies extra dice rolls for attacks and saving throws
  • Shield of Faith – grant a target an AC boost of 2
  • Find Steed – summon a loyal steed to aid you
  • Lesser Restoration – remove one condition, such as poisoning or paralysis
  • Zone of Truth – make targets unable to lie
  • Branding Smite – melee weapon attack deals extra radiant damage
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Stories from the Fight

“Once, while traversing the forests of Faerun, I stumbled upon a group of orcs pillaging a nearby village. Without hesitation, I charged at them, my sword ablaze with holy light. I emerged victorious, but not before every last orc fell beneath my blade.”

“I remember the time I faced a powerful demon lord in his lair. It was an intense battle, and my allies were dropping like flies. But I refused to back down. With renewed vigor, I charged at the demon and smote him with all of my divine might. The demon shattered into a million pieces, and I emerged the victor.”


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