Pawsitively Hilarious: Critter Fixer Bonaire Shakes Up Wildlife Woes

If you’re an animal lover, you’ll know that wildlife needs all the help it can get. We all know that taking care of animals is no joke, but the team at Critter Fixer Bonaire take it to a whole new level of hilarity. From rescuing iguanas to nursing flamingos back to health, this team of animal experts are dedicated to making a difference to the local wildlife population, one paw at a time.

Meet the Critter Fixer Bonaire Team

The team at Critter Fixer Bonaire are a bunch of animal-loving, joke-cracking, wildlife-saving superheroes. Led by the passionate vet, Dr. Frida, their team is always on the lookout for the next animal in need. Dr. Frida’s team is made up of some of the wackiest and most passionate animal lovers on the planet.

Their team includes:

  • Dr. Frida
  • Nurse Claire
  • Animal Rehabilitator Arjen
  • Animal Rescue Specialist Jaap

The team at Critter Fixer Bonaire has a combined experience of over 100 years, making them one of the most trusted animal welfare organizations on the island.

A Wild Rescue Mission

One day, the Critter Fixer Bonaire team received a call from a concerned resident about an iguana that had been stuck in a fence for days. The team quickly responded and rescued the iguana, which they had lovingly named “Iggy”.

Iggy had not only gotten his tail stuck in the fence, but had also suffered from dehydration and malnourishment. The team immediately gave him fluids and started nursing him back to health.

“It was a tough job, but someone had to do it,” jokes Nurse Claire, as she hands Iggy some fresh kale.

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Putting the Fun in Flamingo Rehabilitation

You may have heard of a “flamingo flight” – a group of flamingos flying together – but have you ever heard of a “flamingo dance party”? At Critter Fixer Bonaire, they’ve created a whole new way of rehabilitating flamingos back to health.

When flamingos come into their care, they’re often malnourished and weak, making it hard to move around. So instead of just prescribing them bed rest and medication, they take a more fun approach to rehabilitation – they throw them a dance party!

“We noticed that when we played music, the flamingos would start to move around more and get active,” says Animal Rehabilitator Arjen. “So we started playing music and dancing with the flamingos to get them moving and improving their health.”

A Passion for Animal Welfare

For the Critter Fixer Bonaire team, animal welfare isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life. They work around the clock to help animals in need, from providing basic medical care, to rehabilitating injured wildlife, to rescuing young animals that have been left alone by their mothers.

“We believe that every animal, great or small, deserves our love and care,” says Dr. Frida. “Every time we rescue an animal or nurse them back to health, we’re helping to make the world a better place.”

Wildlife Conservation on Bonaire

Bonaire is a small island in the Caribbean and is home to a wide range of wildlife conservation efforts. The island is especially known for its efforts to protect sea turtles, but Critter Fixer Bonaire is doing their part to help all animals on the island.

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“We work closely with other wildlife organizations on the island to make sure that all animals are cared for,” explains Animal Rescue Specialist Jaap. “We believe that by working together, we can make a bigger impact on the welfare of the animals on the island.”

Table: Bonaire Animal Species

Common Name Scientific Name Conservation Status
American Flamingo Phoenicopterus ruber Low Concern
Caribbean Iguana Iguana iguana Low Concern
Osprey Pandion haliaetus Low Concern
Yarari Toad Bufo yarariensis Vulnerable
Green Sea Turtle Chelonia mydas Endangered
Anhinga Anhinga anhinga Low Concern
Brown Pelican Pelecanus occidentalis Least Concern
Scaly-Tailed Iguana Mesosaurus vittatus Low Concern
Royal Tern Thalasseus maximus Least Concern

List: Critter Fixer Bonaire’s Top 5 Funniest Rescue Stories

  1. The Time Claire Got Stuck in a Tree Saving a Cat
  2. The Time Jaap Had to Rescue a Bat from a Restaurant
  3. The Time Arjen Tried to Play Hide-and-Seek with a Baby Turtle
  4. The Time Dr. Frida Accidentally Glued Herself to a Lizard
  5. The Time the Team Tried to Teach a Parrot How to Meow Like a Cat

Critter Fixer Bonaire’s Impact

Since its founding, Critter Fixer Bonaire has made a huge impact on the welfare of animals on the island. Their work includes:

  • Treated over 3,000 animals
  • Rehabilitated and released over 300 wild animals
  • Rescued over 100 animals in need
  • Educated over 1,000 local residents about animal welfare


Critter Fixer Bonaire is not your average animal welfare organization. They don’t just save animals, they put the fun back into animal rescue. Their dedication to animal welfare on the island is unmatched, and their passion is contagious. They bring joy and laughter to a world that can often be overwhelming, and they’ve made a huge impact on the welfare of animals on Bonaire. Cheers to Critter Fixer Bonaire – keep on rocking on!

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