Popcorn, Pals, and Purrfect Flicks: Movies at Franklin Park Mall!

Franklin Park Mall is quite literally the hub of entertainment in Toledo, Ohio. From shopping to dining, the mall offers it all, but one of the major attractions is their movie theater. The Movies at Franklin Park Mall sports plush chairs, fantastic surround sound, and a large screen that will leave you feeling like you’re part of the movie itself. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the theater has become a haven for movie buffs, families, and dates alike.

The Buckeye State’s Best Film Experience

When Toledo residents want to have a blast on the weekends or celebrate special occasions, Franklin Park Movies never fails to bring the best cinematic experience. With 16 auditoriums equipped with modern amenities, watchers can enjoy the latest blockbusters on the biggest screens from the most comfortable seats. There’s always a great wave of excitement in the air and an abundance of popcorn and soft drinks as the newest articles roll on the screen.

Franklin Park Mall Cinema is the A-List Choice for Many

With the competition among movie theaters heating up, Franklin Park Mall doesn’t lag behind when it comes to providing a winning movie experience. The fact that they offer the best services in the Buckeye state earns them a spot on the A-list. The cherry on top is their low-priced tickets, which only get better with deals and discounts that come around occasionally, even for big hits like Endgame or Frozen 2. With the movie experience being so luxurious and affordable, Franklin Park Cinema is a fun-packed group outing destination during the day or night.

Why Franklin Park Movies is the Place to Be

If the exclusive movie trailers or irresistible snacks don’t already draw you to Franklin Park’s movie theater, these reasons will definitely get you excited to make your way to the theater:

  • The theaters open early enough to make it the perfect stop for early birds who enjoy catching their favorite flick at early timeslots.
  • The family-friendly atmosphere and amenities like booster seats, and kids’ concession prices make it an ideal destination for family outings.
  • For the moviegoers that never forget, the theater has a great loyalty program that rewards fans with free tickets, snacks, and upgrades to make sure the fans come back to enjoy movies with friends, family and also get the satisfaction of knowing they get value for their money.
  • Franklin Park Movies aid in making memories that will last a lifetime.
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Purrfect Flicks

Movies are not just for humans; they’re fantastic for pets as well! What happens when you’ve left your tiny furry pals at home alone, and you have no idea what they’re up to? Well, Franklin Park’s Cinema got you covered. Once a month, the theater hosts Purrfect Flicks where cat lovers can bring their furry friends along to watch a movie. It’s a chance to bond with your feline friend while enjoying the latest movies. You pay a cover fee of five dollars, and the proceeds go to local animal shelters.

Popcorn and Drinks

Franklin Park Movies is equipped with spacious modern theatres, and they know what makes an excellent movie experience. An array of concession stand refreshments like candy, popcorn, and hotdogs is made available at affordable prices. You can choose from an extensive variety of snacks and drinks to make your viewing experience a fantastic one. Do you have a sweet tooth or enjoy something salty? Are you looking for cold treats like ice cream or something warm like a hot drink? – then making sure you grab something from concession stands when at Franklin Park Movies is the order of the day.

The Ultimate Snacks Menu

The folks at Franklin Park Movies know one of the best ways to enhance the movie experience is through the food menu. Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth, crave something salty, or want to quench your thirst, you can always count on their concession stands for a wide range of picks. Highlighted below are some of the excellent edibles on the menu:


What is a movie theater without popcorn? At Franklin Park Cinema, you have a wide variety of popcorn to pick from, which includes:

  • Small popcorn – it’s a fantastic pick for a person watching a movie alone or for someone who’s on a budget.
  • Medium popcorn – If you prefer a little more popcorn, this would be your best bet.
  • Large popcorn – perfect for people who want to share, large popcorn welcomes a group of people watching movies together.


Hotdogs might not be the first option to come to mind when considering what to snack on, but the cinema’s hotdogs are a must-try. You can select from different toppings like cheese or ketchup, and they are pretty affordable.

Candy Selections

There’s nothing better than indulging in your favorite candy at the movies. Franklin Park has you covered with selections ranging from gum to chocolates. Whether it’s a pack of M&Ms, Reese’s cups or gum, the candy selection always has something to offer.

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To quench your thirst or to complement your snacks, Franklin Park Cinema offers different drinks ranging from soft drinks to bottled water. The cinema has a great selection, so you won’t run out of choices. And there’s no better way to feel like royalty than sipping soft drinks in a cinema room like Franklin Park’s.

A Perfect Place for Dates

Dates can be disruptive and stressful, from deciding on what to wear to the venue location. Franklin Park Movies has got your back when it comes to finding a unique location for your date night. Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider having date night with Franklin Park Cinema:

Comfortable Seating Arrangement

For both old and new goers, seating arrangements always play a tremendous role in how the whole experience pans out. The seating arrangement and comfort offered in these theaters are next to none. With comfortable seating, you can snuggle up with your significant other and watch a movie in comfort. And there are no excuses not to, especially with loyal patron programs that offer perks and discounts.

Various Lovers Perks

Franklin Park Movies understands that date nights could be pricier but offer various incentives, depending on their calendar events, like Valentine’s Day or special holiday releases. This theater doesn’t just offer lower-priced tickets; they also have a special deal they offer for couples’ nights that feature free snacks or exclusive trailers just for couples.

Private Room Bookings

If you’re looking for something more intimate or celebrating a special occasion, then renting a private room at Franklin Park is an excellent idea. The private rooms are a bonus, which might feature a projector or a comfortable seating arrangement, some complemented with fancy foods, drinks, or desserts.

A Look Back in Cinema History

Where did it all begin? The history of the cinema stretches back many years, all the way to the days of silent films. The first film was called Roundhay Garden Scene, shot in 1888, and it ran for only two seconds. Since then, the film industry has undergone a sea of transformation to what we have now: modern-day cinematography. With so much progress, a theater that still houses the traditional cinema atmosphere while offering a modern cinema experience is hard to come by, which is all the more reason why Franklin Park Movies stands out.

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The Beginning of Cinema

Frenchman Louis Lumiere invented the first film camera in 1895, where he showcased ten popular films, leaving the public in wonder. It paved the way for the popularization of leisure activities such as going to the cinema. The cinema culture boomed, and it gradually became a part of our everyday lives.

The Changing Nature of the Cinema Industry

Years ago, the cinema culture was not as popular since people preferred to watch movies from the comfort of their homes. This gradually changed as theaters introduced various technologies to enhance the movie experience. Over the years, cinema producers have attempted to keep viewers interested by developing storylines that appeal to the emotions, characters viewers could relate to, and excellent production value.


There you have it: Popcorn, Pals, and Purrfect Flicks: Movies at Franklin Park Mall! Franklin Park Cinema is a place to be when you’re longing to catch some cinematic action or when you’re looking for somewhere fun to spend time with friends or families. The in-theater amenities and a range of snack selections make your movie experience all the more fantastic. With loyalty programs that give freebies, lower-priced tickets, and special incentives for couples, Franklin Park Cinema should be on everyone’s bucket list. After all, movies are more than just entertainment – they’re an experience.

Helpful Table

Movie theater snacks at Franklin Park Movies:

Food Item Description
Popcorn Small, medium, and large sizes
Hotdogs Different toppings available
Candy A wide selection, including M&Ms and Reese’s cups
Soft Drinks A large variety of soft drinks offered
Bottled Water A generic brand of bottled water is available


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