Powerless and Amused: My Pepco Customer Service Power Outage Ordeal

As a resident of Washington DC, I’m no stranger to power outages. Whether due to bad weather or faulty equipment, I’ve experienced my fair share of blackouts over the years. But during my latest power outage, I had a unique experience that left me both powerless and amused.

My Pepco customer service power outage ordeal

About a month ago, I woke up to the sound of silence. Not a bird chirping, not a car engine roaring, and certainly not the hum of my refrigerator. I quickly realized that the power was out in my entire building. The first thing I did was to look out of the window to see if it was just my building, but several other buildings around were also powerless. Like a good resident, I called the Pepco customer service hotline to report the problem.

The waiting game

Now, I’m no stranger to waiting on hold, but I was not prepared for the marathon of waiting that I embarked on. After calling Pepco customer service, I waited on hold for almost 30 minutes, listening to the robotic voice telling me to stay on the line. When a person finally answered the call, I was overjoyed.

Unhelpful solutions

I was happy to explain my situation to the customer service representative, always trying to keep a positive tone even though I was boiling in frustration. But the solutions the rep came up with were most certainly not helpful.

Their first answer was, “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

I almost burst out laughing. The power outage wasn’t just affecting me, it was the entire building, and yet the customer service rep thought I hadn’t tried the most obvious solution!

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The second suggestion was even worse: “Have you tried making sure that the switch on your surge protector is flipped?”

This time, I couldn’t resist pointing out that my entire building had lost power. The solution was completely irrelevant.

The humor in the situation

It was at this point that I had to start seeing the humor in this situation, because otherwise, I would have hung up, and I still wouldn’t have power in my apartment. It was both amusing and frustrating that the representative was suggesting solutions that were completely unrelated to the outage. So, I began poking fun at the representative to let off some steam, using my wit to point out the absurdity of the solutions.

Pepco offers help, but there’s a catch

The customer service representative then told that Pepco would provide me with updates as the outage persisted, sounding smug as if they were doing me a great favor. And for a brief moment, I was happy that I would be getting some information. But there was a catch.

The updates were only in the form of text messages, which came only after the scheduled outage update times. So I had to wait, once again, to know when my power would be back on.

Power returns

Hours later, just before midnight, the electric grid sprang back to life, and my apartment got power once again. It was great, but there was no communication from Pepco that the power had been restored. It was a lucky coincidence that I was awake and in the living room at the time, and I heard the whirring of my appliances.

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What I learned from my Pepco customer service power outage ordeal

Good experience, not really

Though I had a horrible experience handling this outage, I learned a few things. First off, I’m a pretty funny person. Secondly, I also learned that waiting for someone to answer my call wasn’t as bad as waiting for power to come back (getting emotional here). Thirdly, the measures that Pepco has for customer service seem inadequate and not up to the mark. All in all, I had a great experience in terms of learning.

Company improvements needed

Pepco customer service’s response to my power outage was less than satisfactory. The customer service reps may mean well, but they don’t have adequate training to handle the diverse issues that customers might face during an outage. Customers should not have to wait for almost in vain an hour to have an agent suggest checking for a non-existent “switch” on their surge protector!

What can Pepco do?

It’s important that the utility company invests in training for their customer service representatives so that they are better equipped to handle a range of customer issues. Additionally, timely communication during power outages is crucial, especially when we’re left in the dark about the restoration of power.


Power outages are never fun, but hopefully, my experience with Pepco will serve as a reminder that there’s always humor to be found in dark situations. It’s important that utility companies like Pepco put customers’ needs first and provide clear and effective communication during outages. Until then, I’ll continue keeping up a good sense of humor, even in the darkest of times.

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Helpful Table

Let’s list the solutions suggested by the Pepco customer service representative during the outage.

Suggestion Relevance
Turn it off and on Entirely irrelevant
Check the surge protector Entirely irrelevant
Promise text updates Updates after the scheduled time

Useful References

  • FEMA: Power outages
  • Pepco: Outage map and status
  • Consumer Reports: How to deal with a power outage

Bonus: Two Lists

Three reasons why power outages are not fun

  1. No way to keep your food fresh
  2. No AC to beat the heat
  3. No TV or internet access

Three common power outage causes in the US

  1. Severe weather
  2. Overloading
  3. Equipment Failures