Put a Spin on Your Shots: Taurus GX4 Ported Barrel

Put a Spin on Your Shots: Taurus GX4 Ported Barrel

Are you tired of your gun not giving you the precise shot you need? Do you need to upgrade your firearm but want to do so with some flair? Look no further than the Taurus GX4 Ported Barrel. This bad boy will elevate your shooting game and give you the style points you’ve always wanted. Let’s dive into why the Taurus GX4 Ported Barrel is the essential addition to your gun.

What is a Ported Barrel?

Before we go any further, let’s define what we mean by ported barrel. A ported barrel is a gun modification that involves drilling holes into the barrel to allow hot gas to escape. This modification has several benefits such as reducing recoil, muzzle jump, and improving accuracy. It’s widely used in competitive shooting and personal defense.

Meet the Taurus GX4

The Taurus GX4 boasts several fantastic traits. It’s a lightweight, compact, and reliable everyday carry (EDC) firearm. It has a sleek design that complements a wide range of shooter preferences. This pistol is 6.05 inches long, 4.39 inches tall, and weighs only 18.5 ounces. It has a 10+1 capacity, meaning you can take down your target without worrying about running out of ammo. Its accuracy and performance are top-notch, making it an excellent choice for concealed carry.

Benefits of the Taurus GX4 Ported Barrel

Now, we get to the juicy part- the benefits of the Taurus GX4 Ported Barrel. The ported barrel on this gun helps dissipate the hot gases forward, reducing the recoil and muzzle flip. This means you can stay on target and take your follow-up shots faster. If you’re in a self-defense encounter, that extra time could make a massive difference. Additionally, the Taurus GX4 Ported Barrel offers improved accuracy, making you a more confident and efficient shooter.

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“But Does It Make Me Look Cool?”

Absolutely, it does! The Taurus GX4 Ported Barrel doesn’t just enhance the performance of your firearm, but it’s also a stylish turn-on. It gives your gun a modern and sleek look that sets you apart from the crowd. Your friends won’t stop asking you about it, and that’s before they even see you shoot.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Taurus GX4 Ported Barrel

To maximize the performance of your Taurus GX4 Ported Barrel, use high-quality ammunition. You wouldn’t want to take this beauty to the range and not give it the treatment it deserves. Using quality ammo will help you to achieve optimal accuracy, reduce your recoil and improve your overall shooting experience.

Additionally, proper maintenance is crucial. Always clean your gun after use, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance. A well-maintained firearm lasts longer, performs better, and helps avoid potential safety hazards.

Taurus GX4 Ported Barrel Vs. Non-Ported Barrel

What’s good about the Taurus GX4 Ported Barrel that makes it an upgrade over a non-ported barrel? For starters, ported barrels reduce recoil and muzzle flip. Non-ported barrels don’t have this modifier, meaning aiming down the sight for the second shot will take more time. When it comes to self-defense, every second counts, so reducing recoil is vital.

Furthermore, the ported barrel provides a notable decrease in felt recoil, which can help you when you’re using larger magnums. The ported barrel transfers gas from the front of the gun, reducing the felt recoil through a complex process. Shooting is far more fun when you aren’t bruising your shoulder every time you pull the trigger.

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Taurus GX4 Ported Barrel Performance Specs

Taurus GX4 Ported Barrel Specifications
Caliber 9mm
Barrel Length 3.06 inches
Overall Length 6.05 inches
Height 4.39 inches
Width 1.08 inches
Weight 18.5 ounces
Capacity 10+1

How to Install a Taurus GX4 Ported Barrel

To install the Taurus GX4 Ported Barrel, follow these steps:

  1. Lock the slide back
  2. Inspect to ensure that the gun is unloaded.
  3. Push down the takedown latch and release the slide.
  4. Remove the barrel and recoil spring.
  5. Install the ported barrel and the recoil spring.
  6. Reassemble the gun and test its performance.

Make sure you’re comfortable with the disassembly and reassembly process of your firearm before attempting to replace any parts.

Reviews of the Taurus GX4 Ported Barrel

“Finally, I found the perfect concealed carry gun! The Taurus GX4 Ported Barrel substantially reduces the recoil, and it’s easier to make follow-up shots. Plus, it looks great! I love it!”

“I’m impressed with the accuracy of this gun. I mean, WOW! The Taurus GX4 Ported Barrel does a great job of balancing recoil, allows you to get back on the sight quickly, and it’s a head-turner wherever you go.”

“This is a game-changer. I can finally hit my targets better, and the recoil’s reduced. It’s a blessing. Five stars!”


In conclusion, the Taurus GX4 Ported Barrel is a fantastic upgrade to your firearm. Its unique features, including reduced recoil, improved accuracy, style points, and the proper application of gas transfer technology, extended its value for your shooting experience. With its sleek design and lightweight, you won’t have to worry about it being too heavy for a daily carry. Overall, the Taurus GX4 Ported Barrel is a must-have for any gun enthusiast or anyone looking to elevate their shooting game.

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