Rainman Gets a Biker Gang Makeover: The Hilarious Tale of the Rainman Hells Angels


There is nothing quite like the feeling of wind in your hair as you hit the open road, cruising with your biker buddies. You’re a fierce, unbreakable team, willing to stick together and defend each other no matter what. But what happens when an outsider tries to join that gang? That’s the hilarious tale of Rainman and his attempt to become a member of the Hell’s Angels.

Chapter 1: Who is Rainman?

Rainman is not your typical biker. Born on the East Coast, he was never really into motorcycles until he moved to California. His first bike was a vintage Harley that he bought at a garage sale. He took care of it like it was his baby, spending all of his free time tinkering with it in his garage. Rainman may not have looked like a biker, but he certainly had the spirit of one.

Chapter 2: The Journey Begins

Rainman had always been intrigued by the Hell’s Angels. He had read Hunter S. Thompson’s book, “Hell’s Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs,” and it had sparked an interest in him. He decided to go to a Hell’s Angels gathering to see what it was all about.

Chapter 3: The Meeting

Rainman was nervous as he approached the Hell’s Angels. He had heard stories about how tough they were and how difficult it was to become a member. He walked up to a group of Angels who were playing pool and said, “Hi, I’m Rainman. I was wondering if I could talk to someone about joining your gang.” The Angels looked at him skeptically, but one of them, named Snake, agreed to talk to him.

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Chapter 4: The Test

Snake took Rainman over to a corner of the room and said, “Alright, let’s see what you’re made of. If you want to join the Hell’s Angels, you’ve got to be tough.” With that, he handed Rainman a bottle of Jack Daniels and said, “Drink this in one go.” Rainman hesitated for a moment, then threw his head back and downed the entire bottle. The Angels cheered, impressed by his courage.

Chapter 5: The Makeover

Rainman had passed the first test, but he still had a long way to go. The Angels decided to give him a biker gang makeover. They took him to a tattoo parlor and had him get a Hell’s Angels insignia tattooed on his chest. They also gave him a leather jacket with the Hell’s Angels logo on the back and a bandana to wear around his head. Rainman looked like a completely different person.

Chapter 6: The Ride

The Angels took Rainman out for his first ride with the gang. They cruised down the highway, the wind in their hair, the rumble of their engines filling the air. Rainman felt alive like he had never felt before. They stopped at a biker bar, and Rainman was introduced to the other members of the gang. They welcomed him with open arms, impressed by his moxie.

Chapter 7: The Raid

After a few weeks of riding with the Hell’s Angels, Rainman felt like he was part of the gang. He was accepted by everyone and felt like he belonged. One night, the Angels got word that a rival gang was gathering at a local bar. They decided to raid the bar and show the other gang who was in charge. Rainman was excited to be part of the action.

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Chapter 8: The Wakeup Call

The raid did not go as planned. The rival gang was ready for the Hell’s Angels and put up a fierce fight. Rainman found himself in the middle of a brawl, fists flying in every direction. He took a hit to the jaw and stumbled back, dazed. It was a wakeup call for him, realizing just how dangerous the life of a biker gang member could be.

Chapter 9: The Departure

Rainman decided to leave the Hell’s Angels after that night. He had experienced the rush of being part of a gang and the sheer excitement of living life on the edge. But he also realized that the dangers far outweighed the benefits. He thanked the Angels for everything they had taught him and went back to his old life.

Chapter 10: The Aftermath

Rainman never forgot his time with the Hell’s Angels. He still rode his motorcycle, but he did it alone, enjoying the freedom of the open road without the dangers of being in a gang. He looked back on his experience with the Angels with fondness, but knew that it was not the life that he wanted to live.

Rainman may have never become a full-fledged member of the Hell’s Angels, but he certainly got a taste of what it was like. His journey with the gang was equal parts hilarious and dangerous, but it ultimately taught him about the importance of true camaraderie and the dangers of living life on the edge.


Number Chapter
1 Who is Rainman?
2 The Journey Begins
3 The Meeting
4 The Test
5 The Makeover
6 The Ride
7 The Raid
8 The Wakeup Call
9 The Departure
10 The Aftermath
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List 1: Benefits of being in a biker gang

  • Sense of camaraderie
  • Excitement and danger
  • Sense of belonging
  • Unique identity

List 2: Dangers of being in a biker gang

  • Violence and danger
  • Legal troubles
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Limited job opportunities


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