Reddit Roasts Nocturnal Animals Opening Scene: Can’t Escape Critique!

Houston, we have a problem!
The opening scene of the dramatic thriller ‘Nocturnal Animals’ has sparked a heated debate among film enthusiasts. The movie, released in 2016, appeared to have received more negative feedback than positive since it premiered. The intense reception of this film by Reddit users is a continuous topic of debates.

Enter Reddit Roasters!
Reddit has become a mesmerizing platform that engages its audience in critical discussions, and it’s no surprise that ‘Nocturnal Animals’ is currently under Reddit’s radar. The portal has witnessed the emergence of a subreddit known as ‘Roast Me,’ where users are willing to lay their pictures bare, ready for the ultimate roast that quickly follows. Following this trend, Reddit enthusiasts have seized the opportunity to scrutinize the opening scene of the movie and, unsurprisingly, condemn it.

The opening scene of Nocturnal Animals
The opening scene of ‘Nocturnal Animals’ is set in an art gallery, where guests are enjoying paintings and sculptures that are suggestive of deep emotions. The camera lingers on pieces of art, and the gallery environment is serene. The serene vibe is, however, cut short when the camera focuses on a group of overweight, semi-naked women in suggestive poses, with glitter covering their bodies. Their presence causes discomfort to some of the attendees who quickly leave the room they occupy, exposing them to the harsh realities of their bodies.

Hilarious Reddit Roasts

The opening scene of ‘Nocturnal Animals’ has caused intense reactions from film enthusiasts, with some Reddit users proffering their hilarious opinions. Below are some of the reactions that surfaced from the Reddit Roasts, each offering a humorous take on the movie’s opening scene.

  1. “Old Money Can’t Buy Class” – An image-laden opening scene, backed up by tragically pretentious strokes of a perceptive art sledgehammer, depicts what is deeply wrong with the 1%.

  2. “High Fives To The Editors That Literally Took A Fat Dump On My Eyes” – The editor of ‘Nocturnal Animals’ deserves a well-earned kudos.

  3. “The Film Title Should’ve Been – Gentlemen Prefer Fat Chicks”– Feminist commentaries have castigated it, chiding ‘Nocturnal Animals’ for body shame.

  4. “The Opening Scene: Struggle of Art” – Cynics have dubbed it ‘artistic blackface,’ stating that the film’s chief creative aspirations were emotionally devoid, lacking authenticity.

  5. “Random Naked Women: Because Plot”– Others have characterized it as a deliberate effort to use the female form as a commodity.

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The Reddit Roasts clearly dissected the opening scene of ‘Nocturnal Animals’ with intense scrutiny.

The SubReddit Roasts Me

Upon landing on the Roast subreddit, one is required to embrace brutal honesty by posting their picture for criticism. The objective is to gain a different perspective regarding the poster’s physical appearance. Inspired by Roast Me, Reddit enthusiasts were equally unforgiving when it came to roasting the opening scene of ‘Nocturnal Animals.’

  1. Faux-Femme Fetishization – Covering the larger women in glitter highlights the fact that the movie fetishized larger women’s bodies.

  2. The Female Form Used as Commodity – The director’s deliberate use of the female form as props is uncomfortable and heavily off-putting.

  3. Bull in a China Shop – The opening scene is a contradiction. The stark contrast between the serene and calm art gallery and the rambunctious, savage women is unnerving.

  4. A Classic Wasted Opportunity – It’s a classic opportunity for the director to shift away from a clichéd storyline of objectifying women. Unfortunately, the director failed to do so.

  5. Embodying a Degrading Trope – The movie’s opening scene embodies the degrading trope that larger women are objectified solely because of their body size.

The Reddit Roasts subreddit resonated well with critics who rightfully gave their unpalatable account of the opening scene.

The Controversial Nature of Nocturnal Animals

Nocturnal Animals raised a lot of eyebrows with its intense opening scene, sparking heated discussions from film enthusiasts. Below are some of the practical matters mostly raised about the opening scene of the movie.

  1. Objectification of the Female Form – A grave number of reviewers took issue with the opening, citing that the director used the female form as an object, showcasing more concern about their body size as opposed to their achievements.

  2. Unfair Representation of African Americans – With only one black cast member featured in the movie, reviewers questioned the relatively low number of African American characters represented in the film.

  3. The Overweight Minority – Cynics have bemoaned the movie’s reliance on the overweight, diminishing the achievements of others of bigger size with real success stories in their various fields.

  4. Using Trolls to Promote the Movie – Some critics have remarked that the opening scene was a deliberate effort to generate controversy aimed at rousing a broader audience from the built-in lack of drama.

  5. Dehumanizing Women as Objects – The scene’s imagery aligns with the dehumanizing belief that women’s representation in art is objectifying, proving that people view them not as individuals but only as commodities.

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The Power of the Reddit Roasts

The power of social media has been a considerable force in shaping cultural narratives. The Reddit Roasts are merely one of the many examples of what ordinary people can do when they aim their focus on a specific topic. Here are a few more scenes that the Reddit Roasts have recently scrutinized.

  1. Tom Cruise in a Scene from The Mummy (2017) – One user on Reddit Roasts commented that the scene was a case of ‘overselling an already oversold movie.’

  2. The Lion King (2019)
    Another Reddit user jokingly calls the lion king remake “a fur-less tale with no heart and soul.”


All in all, Reddit Roasts Nocturnal Animals opening scene generated intense interest across the globe. Despite its failings, the opening scene sparked conversations as people observed a vast array of positive and negative impact from the film. While the film’s opening scene came in for an intense amount of scrutiny on Reddit, the movie has been a hit among general viewers. Watching Nocturnal Animals can be an educational experience, and it will undoubtedly produce a lot of different emotions. Ultimately, it is up to individuals to decide whether or not they agree with the Reddit Roasters’ opinion.

Helpful Table

No SubReddit Roasts Nocturnal Animals Opening Scene Hilarious Reddit Roasts
1 Faux-Femme Fetishization “Old Money Can’t Buy Class”
2 Female Form Used as Commodity “High Fives To The Editors That Literally Took A Fat Dump On My Eyes”
3 Bull in a China Shop “The Film Title Should’ve Been – Gentlemen Prefer Fat Chicks”
4 Wasted Opportunity “The Opening Scene: Struggle of Art”
5 Trope “Random Naked Women: Because Plot”
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