Rocking with NIN: The Ultimate Setlist @ Red Rocks 2023!

The year is 2023, and you’re standing at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado, waiting for Nine Inch Nails to take the stage. As the lights dim and the crowd roars, you can’t help but feel the excitement building. This is it. The Ultimate NIN Setlist. Get ready to rock!


Nine Inch Nails, or NIN for short, is an American industrial rock band founded in 1988. With hits like “Closer,” “Hurt,” and “The Hand That Feeds,” they’ve become one of the most influential rock bands of the last few decades.

The Ultimate Setlist

So, what does the ultimate NIN setlist look like? Here’s our take on what we’d love to see them play at Red Rocks in 2023:

Head Like a Hole

First up is “Head Like a Hole,” the lead single from NIN’s debut album “Pretty Hate Machine.” With its catchy beat and lyrics that urge you to “bow down before the one you serve,” it’s the perfect way to start the show.


Next on the list is “Closer,” perhaps the band’s most recognizable song. With its scandalous lyrics and dark, brooding vibe, it’s sure to get the crowd going.


From there, NIN could slow things down with “Hurt,” a heart-wrenching ballad that has become one of their most beloved tracks. Johnny Cash’s cover of the song made it even more famous, but nothing beats Trent Reznor’s original recording.

March of the Pigs

To pick the concert back up, the band could then launch into “March of the Pigs,” a hard-hitting track from the album “The Downward Spiral.” With its rapid-fire tempo and aggressive lyrics, it’s sure to get the crowd bouncing.

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The Hand That Feeds

For a more recent hit, NIN could play “The Hand That Feeds” off of their 2005 album “With Teeth.” It’s another high-energy track that features classic NIN instrumentation and catchy lyrics.

Terrible Lie

“Terrible Lie” is another classic NIN track that’s sure to get the crowd going. From the opening drum beats to Trent’s anguished vocals, this is a song that’s built for live performances.

Copy of A

For a more recent hit, NIN could play “Copy of A” from their 2013 album “Hesitation Marks.” This electronic-infused track is a perfect example of how the band has continued to evolve over the years.

All Time Low

“All Time Low” is another standout track from “Hesitation Marks” that would be a great addition to the setlist. It’s a slower, more atmospheric track that showcases NIN’s ability to create hauntingly beautiful music.

The Perfect Drug

If NIN wanted to dig deep into their discography, they could play “The Perfect Drug,” a track that was originally recorded for the soundtrack of the film “Lost Highway.” With its dreamy synthesizers and driving beat, it’s a lesser-known gem that deserves more recognition.

We’re In This Together

Another slower, more contemplative track that would fit well into the setlist is “We’re In This Together.” From the album “The Fragile,” this song is a testament to the band’s ability to create epic, emotionally-charged anthems.

How Would You React?

Now that we’ve outlined our dream NIN setlist, how would you react if you were in the audience for this concert? Would you be thrilled to hear so many classic tracks, or disappointed that the band didn’t play more recent hits? Would you sing along to every word, or simply stand there in stunned silence?

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The History of NIN

If you’re a die-hard NIN fan, you probably already know the basics of the band’s history. But for those who are unfamiliar, here’s a brief overview:

NIN was founded in 1988 by Trent Reznor, who has been the band’s only consistent member throughout its history. They released their debut album “Pretty Hate Machine” in 1989, which featured hits like “Head Like a Hole” and “Down In It.” Their second album, “The Downward Spiral,” was released in 1994 and cemented NIN’s status as one of the most innovative and influential rock bands of the era.

Over the years, NIN has continued to release critically acclaimed albums and tour the world, earning a reputation as one of the greatest live acts in the business.

The Future of NIN

So what does the future hold for NIN? As of now, there’s no official news on when they’ll be releasing new music or embarking on another tour. But if this setlist is any indication, they’re still as relevant and exciting as ever.


To help illustrate just how much NIN’s music has changed over the years, here’s a table that compares some of their most famous tracks:

Album Date Released Prominent Tracks
Pretty Hate Machine 1989 “Head Like a Hole,” “Down In It,” “Sin”
The Downward Spiral 1994 “Closer,” “Hurt,” “March of the Pigs”
The Fragile 1999 “We’re In This Together,” “The Fragile,” “The Wretched”
With Teeth 2005 “The Hand That Feeds,” “Every Day Is Exactly the Same”
Hesitation Marks 2013 “Copy of A,” “All Time Low,” “Everything”
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List of Quotes

To give you a better sense of just how beloved NIN is, here are some quotes from famous musicians and critics about the band:

  • “NIN is one of the most influential bands of my lifetime, both musically and creatively.” – Dave Grohl
  • “Trent Reznor is a genius. He’s a real innovator.” – David Bowie
  • “NIN has managed to keep itself relevant by being consistently excellent.” – Rolling Stone


If you’re a fan of NIN, you know that there’s nothing like seeing them live. With a setlist that includes everything from hard-hitting jams to tear-jerking ballads, their music has the power to move you like no other. So get ready to rock with NIN at Red Rocks in 2023 – it’s going to be a show you won’t forget.

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