Score a 2BR Steal in Lizzy! Cheap Apartments Await!

If you’re searching for apartments in Lizzy, congratulations! You’re officially on the hunt for one of the best-kept secrets in the city. And if you’re seeking a two-bedroom apartment, you’re in even better luck—There are some fantastic deals out there waiting for you to snag. So, what’s stopping you from moving right now? If monetary concerns are holding you back, we have good news. There’s an array of affordable options out there, offering quality apartments that will suit your every need, from spacious designs to modern amenities.

Here is a comprehensive guide for finding the place of your dreams. Are you ready to score a 2BR steal in Lizzy?

A Brief Overview of Lizzy

Before we dive in, let’s talk a little bit about Lizzy. The bustling town is one of the best locations in the city, featuring a rich history and a robust culture thriving within its borders. Lizzy is located in the northwest part of the city and has become a favorite destination for those seeking a close-knit community feel where neighbors gather and enjoy events and festivals all year round.

The Charm of Lizzy

Lizzy is fit for all types of people, offering an eclectic mix of historic houses, fabulous apartments, and attractive artwork. It’s a perfect location for young professionals, students, and even families seeking tranquility in the city. The community feels alive and relaxed, and it boasts a wide array of restaurants, parks, museums, and shops to explore.

Lizzies’ Neighborhoods

Lizzy’s vibrant neighborhoods offer a range of apartments, and you’ll quickly find that each one has its character. Here are the following top neighborhoods in Lizzy:

  • The Heights – This neighborhood is the perfect meld of chicness and diversity. It’s situated atop a hill and offers spectacular views of the city. You’ll find here a mix of classic architecture and modern mid-rise buildings. The Heights is ranked as one of the town’s most livable neighborhoods.
  • The Village – This area is particularly favorite among students, young professionals, and families. It features a mix of colonial-style houses and vintage walk-up apartments painted in fascinating colors.
  • The Square – This charming neighborhood offers mid-range to high-end apartments. You’ll find an eclectic mix here of traditional brownstones, historic homes, and newly constructed apartments.
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Affordable 2BR Apartments in Lizzy

Now, let’s move on to the exciting stuff! It’s time to go through some affordable 2BR apartments in Lizzy.

The Urban Apartments

The Urban Apartments is located in The Square and is one of the best places you should check out if you’re feeling adventurous around Lizzy. The apartments boast of having sleek modern finishes and modernized appliances that’ll get you impressed. They also offer bonuses like hardwood floors, double vanities, and a 24-hour fitness center.

Price Range: $1800 – $2800 per month

The Gaston Place

If you’re looking for a more relaxed and luxurious environment, The Gaston Place located in The Heights is your place to be. The apartments have a prime location near the city’s central park, where you can savor in the breathtaking view and lush green surroundings. This apartment offers a range of amenities fit for a King or Queen, from a relaxing rooftop pool to premium fitness centers.

Price Range: $3150 – $4500 per month

The Westview Apartments

Another excellent place you should check out is The Westview Apartments in The Village. The Westview Apartments offer you a unique experience of serenity and quiet, quite a rare thing to find in the city. Here, you can enjoy spacious and affordable apartments that feature a renovated design boasting granite countertops, walk-in closets, and hardwood floors. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy living in this neighborhood for its easy access to a range of restaurants, shops, and outdoorsy activities.

Price Range: $1900 – $2600 per month

The Lizzington

Finally, we have The Lizzington, situated in The Square neighborhood, just a few blocks from Central Park. The Lizzington is well known for its luxurious designs and modern style with open kitchens and stainless steel appliances. This apartment complex also offers a vast range of facilities, including a fitness center, a rooftop BBQ area, and two upscale lounges.

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Price Range: $2950 – $4200 per month

Tips for Finding the Most Affordable 2BR Apartments in Lizzy

Be Realistic

Before starting your apartment search, take your time and be realistic about your needs, wants, and budget.

  • Needs – Focus on the needs you must have in your apartment. These include things like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, parking, and pet policies.
  • Wants – Try to distinguish between things you want rather than what you necessarily need. These include things like luxuries such as a pool, in-building laundry facilities, fitness centers, or roof deck lounge areas.

Check For Additional Hidden Costs

Before signing any lease agreement, find out about the fees, charges, and hidden costs you may incur. These include:

  • Utilities – you may be responsible for paying your utilities, including gas, water, electricity, and internet/cable bills.
  • Security Deposit – This is generally equivalent to one month’s rent.
  • Application Fee – This is a fee you pay for the apartment complex to run a background and credit check.

Ask For An Incentive

Apartment managers may have special incentives for new tenants, and it never hurts to ask. These incentives may include:

  • Free Rent – You may find that you can get a month’s free rent if you sign for an extended lease.
  • No Application Fee – Some apartment complexes may waive the application fee if you sign a lease within a particular time frame.

Consider Roommates

One of the best ways to lower your rent payments is to share an apartment with a roommate. Not only will you be able to split rent, but you’ll also be able to share other expenses like groceries, utilities, and internet bills.

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Use An Apartment Finder

Use an apartment finder tool when searching for apartments in Lizzy. These tools let you filter your search by location, price, and amenities. You’ll also be able to see updated availability and lease terms.

A Table Highlighting the Different Apartment Prices in Lizzy

Apartment Complex Neighborhood Price Range
The Urban Apartments The Square $1800 – $2800
The Gaston Place The Heights $3150 – $4500
The Westview Apartments The Village $1900 – $2600
The Lizzington The Square $2950 – $4200


Now that you know where to find affordable 2BR apartments in Lizzy, it’s time to start your search process. Remember to put your needs first, be realistic about your budget, and don’t hesitate to ask for incentives! Use an apartment finder tool to find the best apartments in Lizzy that suit you. Lizzy is truly one of the best-kept secrets in the city, boasting majestic historic houses, colorful apartments, and an array of cultural amenities. So, what are you waiting for? Get score your 2BR apartment in Lizzy today!