Side Skirts That’ll Make You Type X-tra Hard: 180sx Type X!

If you’re a car enthusiast, you’re probably familiar with the Nissan 180sx Type X. This JDM sports car is renowned for its sleek design, impressive performance, and outstanding handling. One of the most notable features of the 180sx Type X is its side skirts. These side skirts not only enhance the car’s appearance but also play a crucial role in improving its performance.

So, what exactly are side skirts, and why are they so important for the 180sx Type X? Let’s dive into this subject and learn all about the features, benefits, and popular options of side skirts.

What are Side Skirts?

In simple terms, side skirts are add-ons that attach to the bottom of your car’s body. They are located between the front and rear wheels and run parallel to the ground. These add-ons look similar to a rocker panel, but they serve a different purpose.

The primary function of side skirts is to improve the car’s aerodynamics. These add-ons help to reduce the amount of air that passes under the car, which can create drag and cause the car to slow down. By preventing air from flowing under the car, side skirts can improve the car’s stability, handling, and performance.

Additionally, side skirts can enhance the car’s appearance by giving it a more aggressive, sporty look. They can also protect the car’s body from damage by acting as a barrier from debris, and other road hazards.

Why are Side Skirts Important for the 180sx Type X?

The 180sx Type X is a high-performance sports car that demands superior handling, speed, and stability on the road. Side skirts play a crucial role in achieving these requirements. The car’s aerodynamics pose a massive challenge to performance, and side skirts help to mitigate these challenges.

The 180sx Type X’s side skirts are designed with a flare that prevents the car from suffering from drag. The skirts’ specific design allows air to flow over the car’s body without getting trapped underneath. By eliminating this drag force, side skirts improve the car’s handling, speed, and acceleration.

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Due to their sleek design, 180sx Type X’s side skirts can help you stand out in a crowd. They not only enhance the overall look of the car but also offer layer protection to your car’s body.

Top 4 Types of Side Skirts for 180sx Type X

If you’re interested in upgrading your 180sx Type X, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are numerous types of side skirts to choose from. We have curated the top 4 types of side skirts that’ll give your car an outstanding look and excellent performance.

1. Type B Side Skirts

Type B side skirts are widely popular among 180sx Type X owners, and these are commonly referred to as ‘Kouki Style’ side skirts. They add an aggressive sporty look to your car by enhancing its appearance and hiding the wheels underneath the car. Type B side skirts also offer enhanced aerodynamics and make cornering much more manageable.

Pro tip: Type B side skirts’ installation requires the removal of your car’s rear bumper.

2. Type M Side Skirts

Type M side skirts are known for their sleek and simple design. These add-ons offer a clean and straightforward look to your car while providing improved aerodynamics. Type M side skirts are optimal for driving on the highway and twisty roads.

Pro tip: Type M side skirts provide a go-to option if you’re looking to enhance the 180sx Type X’s race-car look.

3. Type X Side Skirts

Type X side skirts’ style aligns well with the car model’s name. These skirts provide an incredibly aggressive appearance while adding to the car’s aerodynamics. The Type X side skirts are a popular option with 180sx owners who want to stand out as they add an outstanding look of the car.

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Pro tip: Type X side skirts add an ‘extra edge’ to your 180sx Type X’s look.

4. Type-KT Side Skirts

The Type-KT side skirts are the latest addition to Type X’s side skirt line-up. These skirts add a unique look to your 180sx Type X while still enhancing the car’s aerodynamics. The Type-KT design is inspired by the latest race-car trends, providing impressive performance capabilities.

Pro tip: Type-KT side skirts are best suited for drivers looking to push their car to its maximum performance capabilities.

How to Choose the Right Side Skirts for Your 180SX Type X

When selecting the right side skirts for your 180sx Type X, you need to consider several factors. While the appearance of the side skirt is important, you need to make sure that you select the correct type of skirt that meets your driving needs.

You also need to think about the installation, durability, and cost of the side skirts. The installation process can vary depending on the type of side skirt you have chosen. You may need professional help to do the installation.

Side skirts are made from different materials, including fiberglass, carbon fiber, and ABS plastic. It is important to pick a material that suits your driving conditions, and the cost of the skirts varies depending on the materials used.

Benefits of Side Skirts

Side skirts are an excellent addition to any 180sx Type X. They come with numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved Aerodynamics: Side skirts improve the car’s aerodynamics by reducing drag, which can enhance the car’s handling, stability, and acceleration.

  • Protection from Road Hazards: Side skirts provide protection to the car’s bottom from debris and other road hazards.

  • Enhanced Appearance: Side skirts are perfect for car enthusiasts who want to upgrade their car’s look. Whether you want a clean and simple look or an aggressive sports car look, there are various options available.

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In Conclusion

Side skirts are an essential part of your 180sx Type X, and choosing the right type can make a significant difference in your car’s performance and appearance. Type B, Type X, Type M, and Type-KT side skirts are popular choices among car enthusiasts. They not only enhance the vehicle’s aerodynamics but also provide protection against debris and road hazards.

When choosing side skirts, make sure to consider the material, installation process, and cost of the add-ons. Be sure to choose a type that meets your driving needs, and if you’re not confident about the installation process, seek professional help.

So now you know what side skirts are, their importance in enhancing your 180sx Type X’s appearance and performance, and how to make the right choice based on your driving needs. Additional speed and performance improvement, Type X is a marvelous choice to have in your valuable car’s garage.

Skirt Type Material Cost
Type B Fiberglass $400 – $600
Type X ABS Plastic $200 – $300
Type M Carbon Fiber $700 – $1,000
Type-KT Fiberglass $350 – $500