Slay the Sale: Get $100 off $250 with Soma!

Are you looking for lingerie that feels as exceptional as it looks? Look no further than Soma, the innovative brand that has mastered the art of crafting lingerie that flatters, supports, and empowers women of all shapes and sizes. Even better, you can enjoy $100 off on a $250 purchase with Soma. So, get ready to slay the sale like a boss and shop till you drop with Soma.

What is Soma?

Founded in 2004, Soma is a brand that designs lingerie and pajamas that are meant to be comfortable, stylish and empowering to women. The brand has created a loyal following of women across the US, largely due to its innovative and high-quality lingerie.

The Sales that will Make You Swoon

Soma has built a massive reputation, and its sales can seldom be missed. Which is why today, you can get $100 off on a $250 purchase. That’s a mega discount of 40%! So ladies, if you’ve been tempted to give yourself a little extra pampering, now it’s the time to go all out without burning a hole in your pocket.

What Makes Soma Stand Out From the Crowd?

Soma has won over many hearts and bags with its unique features that make the brand stand out from the competition. Here’s what we love about Soma:

The Most Comfortable Lingerie ever

One of the most attractive things about this brand is that it focuses on comfort without sacrificing style. The lingerie seamlessly combines luxury and coziness, making it the perfect way to indulge in some self-love without compromising on comfort.

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Soma’s Exquisite Fit

Another feature that sets Soma apart from the rest is that most of the lingerie pieces are available in over 70 sizes! This means that you’ll find the best possible size for you, which results in lingerie that fits like it was made especially for you.

Wide Range of Selection

Soma comes with a vast selection of bras, panties, sleepwear, loungewear and more. Each piece is carefully curated to ensure that every woman can find the pieces she loves no matter her preference or style.

Top Picks for the Season

Now that the sale is ready to be slayed, here are our top picks for the season that you can use to redeem your discount with Soma:

1. Embraceable Demi Bra

The Embraceable Demi Bra is made with stretch foam cups and is perfect for everyday wear. It comes with a unique lace design that enhances its beauty and makes you look chic while feeling comfortable.

2. Cool Night Pajama Set

This set comes with a top and bottom set and is perfect for those warm summer nights. It is created with a blend of cotton and rayon that makes the pajamas light, soft and breezy to sleep in.

3. Sensuous Lace High Leg Brief

The Sensuous Lace High Leg Brief is a perfect pick for those who want to jazz up their lingerie collection. These panties have a high-cut design that flatters your legs and features delicate lace to highlight your curves.

4. Vanishing Edge Microfiber Modern Brief

The Vanishing Edge Microfiber Modern Brief is a great choice for those who are looking to avoid panty lines under their outfits. It is created with a patent-pending technique that keeps the edges flat, making it the perfect fit for a sleek look.

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5. Enbliss Wireless Bra

The Enbliss Wireless Bra is a must-have for those lazy days and slow mornings. It is created with a super-soft fabric that feels like a gentle hug on your body.

How to Redeem Your $100 Discount

Here’s an easy step-by-step guide on how to redeem your $100 off $250 at Soma:

  1. Visit
  2. Pick out the products you want to purchase.
  3. Add them to the cart and make sure it the total is over $250.
  4. Enter the code 19341 in the promo code box.
  5. Watch the magic happen: $100 will be taken off your total.

It’s that simple! You can now enjoy your gorgeous lingerie and sleepwear without breaking the bank.


In conclusion, Soma is the ultimate destination for women who want comfortable, high-quality lingerie. The brand’s attention to detail and carefully curated selection exceeds expectations, making it a favorite among women. Plus, the $100 discount on a $250 purchase is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you don’t want to miss. So, hurry up, visit the website and slay the sale like a boss with Soma!


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