Slaying with Summoning Pouches RS3: The Beastly Sidekick You Never Knew You Needed

Slaying with Summoning Pouches RS3: The Beastly Sidekick You Never Knew You Needed

If you’re an avid RuneScape 3 player, you may have heard of summoning pouches. There’s no doubt that they’re a game-changer when it comes to combat, but for those who are new or haven’t utilized them much, they can seem a bit confusing. Fear not, my fellow adventurer! In this article, we’ll explore the wonders of summoning pouches and how you can use them to slay any foe that may come your way.

What are Summoning Pouches?

In simple terms, Summoning Pouches are items used to summon creatures to aid in combat or skill training. It’s basically like having a sidekick in the game, how cool is that? These pouches can be created using spirit shards and charms, which are dropped by various monsters throughout the game. Once you have the necessary items, you can use them to create pouches that will allow you to summon different creatures, each with their unique abilities.

Gathering Materials for Summoning Pouches

Before we dive into the different creatures you can summon, we need to discuss how to gather the materials needed to create them. First off, you’ll need to gather Spirit Shards, which are basically the backbone of summoning. These can be obtained through the following methods:

  • Killing certain monsters
  • Purchasing from other players or shops
  • Converting extras of lower-tier pouches

Next up, you’ll need Charms, which are dropped by different monsters throughout the game. There are four different kinds of Charms:

  • Gold Charm (Most common)
  • Green Charm
  • Crimson Charm
  • Blue Charm (Least common)
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Once you have both Spirit Shards and the appropriate Charms, you can create Summoning Pouches at an Obelisk with the help of a Summoning familiar. It’s like baking a cake, but instead of flour and sugar, you use spirit shards and charms.

Summoning Creatures

Now that you know how to gather the necessary materials, let’s talk about some of the creatures you can summon using Summoning Pouches.

Combat Summons

  1. Steel Titan

Steel Titans are excellent when it comes to damage output, and they’re great for players engaged in high-level combat. They can use two types of combat – Ranged and Magic- to take down their foes.

  1. Geyser Titan

The Geyser Titan can damage up to nine targets at once with its powerful water attacks. They’re very effective when it comes to crowd control.

  1. Unicorn Stallion

The Unicorn Stallion can be a lifesaver for any player engaged in combat. They can heal not just the player, but any nearby allies.

Skill Training Summons

  1. Abyssal lurker

Abyssal lurkers can enhance your mining ability by increasing your stamina and the number of ores you mine.

  1. Granite Crab

The Granite Crab can be used to boost your defense and reduce the damage taken while fishing.

  1. Bunyip

The Bunyip is useful when it comes to fishing since it can restore a player’s life points by eating fish while fishing.

Note: Other Summoning creatures have more versatile abilities that suit different playing styles. It’s wise to experiment and try different creatures to see what works best for you.

Travel Summons

Apart from being useful in combat and skill training, Summoning creatures can also be used as transport. They can save players time in reaching different areas of the game and relieve them from having to walk. Here are some examples of Travel Summons:

  1. Spirit Spider
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Spirit Spiders are excellent transportation for low-level players since they are relatively easy to obtain.

  1. Spirit Graahk

Spirit Graahks are useful when it comes to traveling longer distances, and they’re faster than Spirit Spiders.

  1. Spirit Kyatt

The Spirit Kyatt is the perfect summon for those who need to travel from one end of the game to the other quickly. It has an enhanced teleport feature that can take the player to any obelisk throughout the game.

Maximizing Summoning Pouch Potential

Now that you know how to create Summoning Pouches and the creatures you can summon, you may be wondering how to maximize their potential. Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your Summoning Pouches:

  • Always keep an eye on your Summoning points, especially when engaging in combat.
  • Make sure to have your Summoning familiar at full health and keep an eye for any useful Summoning scrolls.
  • Experiment with different creatures to see which ones work best for your playing style.

Get Ready to Slay with Summoning Pouches RS3

In summary, Summoning Pouches are a fantastic addition to RuneScape 3, and they can aid players in combat, skill training, and travel. Given the different creatures and abilities, Summoning Pouches can transform gameplay and make it much more enjoyable. As always, we always recommend that you do your research and try different techniques to see what works best for you. So get ready to take control of your game with Summoning Pouches in your arsenal. Who knew that having a Beastly Sidekick was all it took to slay any foe in RuneScape 3?

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Summoning Creature Abilities
Steel Titan Dual Ranged and Magic attacks.
Geyser Titan Damages multiple targets with water attacks.
Unicorn Stallion Can heal players and allies.
Abyssal Lurker Increases a player’s stamina and number of ores mined.
Granite Crab Reduces damage taken and boosts defense while fishing.
Bunyip Eats fish while fishing to restore a player’s life points.
Spirit Spider Basic summon that can be used for transport in low-level areas.
Spirit Graahk Faster transportation, especially in wooded areas.
Spirit Kyatt Can teleport the player to any obelisk throughout the game.
  • Always keep an eye on your Summoning points, especially in combat.
  • Have your Summoning familiar at full health
  • Experiment with different creatures to see which works best for you.