Splash in Style with the gc2b Swim Binder!

Are you tired of hiding your chest under layers of swimwear during the summer season? Are you too conscious of your body while at the beach or poolside? Do not worry, you’re not alone. Many trans masculine individuals share the same sentiments, but there’s a solution that can boost your confidence and make you feel more comfortable while swimming. Enter gc2b’s Swim Binder, the ultimate solution to your chest dysphoria that will let you ‘Splash in Style’ this summer season.

What is gc2b Swim Binder?

gc2b is a US-based brand known for its quality chest binders for people of all genders. After receiving many requests from their customers for a swim-friendly version, gc2b finally launched its Swim Binder in 2019. It is made from high-quality materials that will not disintegrate in water, chlorine, or UV rays, making it ideal for both recreational and competitive swimming.

What Sizes are Available?

The gc2b Swim Binder is available in more than 12 sizes ranging from XS to 5XL. Unlike other brands that provide binders with only chest measurements, gc2b values the other measurements that trans masculine people deal with, such as shoulder, back, and torso. This thoughtful approach ensures superior comfort and perfect fitting for every body type.

Why gc2b Swim Binder is a Game Changer?

The gc2b Swim Binder is not only a supportive chest-compression garment, but it also comes with multiple features that make it the best option for swimmers. Here are some of the benefits that gc2b Swim Binder offers:


As a swimmer, the last thing you would want is to feel uncomfortable in your chest binder while swimming. gc2b’s Swim Binder is made of a breathable fabric that provides compression without overly restricting your body movements. Its soft edging ensures that it doesn’t dig into your skin, and it has flat seams that won’t irritate you even after hours of swimming.

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The fabric of gc2b Swim Binder is chlorine-resistant, unlike regular binders that can easily get destroyed when exposed to chlorine water. It can withstand repeated exposure to UV rays, and you don’t have to worry about it losing its shape or fitting after a few uses. It is the ultimate solution for swimmers looking for a long-lasting chest binder.


gc2b Swim Binder comes in three distinct colors: Black, Grey, and Navy. Its simple but stylish design makes it easy to pair it with somatic swimwear styles. You can also wear it on its own, and it will still look great, thanks to its seamless integration with the rest of the binders.


gc2b Swim Binder has dual functions- as both a compression garment and a swimwear. Therefore, you can wear it as a chest binder during the day and switch to a swimwear when going to the pool or beach without any need to change your clothes.

How to Wear gc2b Swim Binder?

Wearing the gc2b Swim Binder is easy-peasy, and the brand provides an elaborate sizing chart that can help you choose the right size for you. Here are some quick steps to follow when wearing the gc2b Swim Binder:

  1. Step into the binder, then pull it over your shoulders
  2. Stretch the bottom down and over your torso.
  3. Ensure that the binder sits flat against your back, and the front effectively compresses your chest.
  4. Adjust the straps as needed to optimize your support, fit, and comfort.

Important Reminder

While gc2b Swim Binder is an excellent option for swimming, it’s essential to remember that it’s not a lifejacket, and it’s not intended for non-swimming activities or rough waters. Please ensure that you always exercise caution when swimming or performing water-based activities.

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Customer Reviews

You don’t have to take our word for it. Here are some of the gc2b Swim Binder reviews from satisfied customers:

“THE perfect swim binder! I have been using gc2b binders for over three years now, but the swim binder is terrific. The material is amazing! It’s easy to get on and comfortable to wear. It compresses effortlessly, making it look like you don’t have anything to worry about. It’s worth every penny.” – Jeremy.T

“gc2b swim binder is brilliant. I had my reservations about buying it because I had never worn a chest binder before, but I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. It is comfortable and held up well when swimming, and the quality looks amazing. I have total trust in this brand, and I would recommend them to anyone.” – Sam.M


The gc2b Swim Binder is the perfect solution to your chest dysphoria this summer season. It offers superior comfort, style, and versatility, making it a game changer for all swimmers. Its durable design ensures that you can use it repeatedly without worrying about wear and tear.

Don’t let your chest dysphoria hold you back this summer. Go ahead and make that splash in style with gc2b Swim Binder.

Table 1: The Sizes Available for gc2b Swim Binder

Size Chest Measurement (in.) Shoulder Measurement (in.) Torso Measurement (in.)
XS 28-30 13-14 18-19
S 31-33 14-15 20-21
M 34-36 15-16 22-23
L 37-39 16-17 24-25
XL 40-42 17-18 26-27
2XL 43-45 19-20 28-29
3XL 46-48 21-22 30-32
4XL 49-51 23-24 33-34
5XL 52-54 25-26 35-36

List 1: Some Tips on How to Care for your gc2b Swim Binder

  • Hand Wash your gc2b Swim Binder in cold water.
  • Gently squeeze out excess water and hang to dry.
  • Avoid washing it in a washing machine or tumble drying it.
  • Always ensure that it’s completely dry before storing it away.
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List 2: Benefits of Wearing gc2b Swim Binder

  • Boosts Confidence while swimming
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Perfect Fitting and Easy to Maintain.


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