Take a Break! Rest Areas in Alabama I-65 Have You Covered… Literally

Are you heading down to Alabama but anxious about where to take a break along I-65? Before you pull over and crash in a ditch, remember that Alabama has got you covered, from sea to shining …(cough cough) gas station sign. The state boasts several rest areas, strategically located along the highway, which will be your knight in shining armour during your travels.

Alabama, where ‘southern hospitality’ isn’t just another marketing tactic.

What are Rest Areas?

Rest areas, for those not in the know, are designated spaces for travellers to take a break from driving, use toilet facilities, stretch their legs, and maybe have a little picnic or two. Think of it as a little oasis on the highway, a great opportunity to escape the noise, smell, and cramped environment of your car (or giant truck, if that’s the kind of thing that rocks your boat). Rest areas come in different shapes and sizes, but they all provide basic needs for drivers.

It’s where your dreams of cow-tipping meets practicality.

The Benefits of Rest Areas

Rest areas not only provide toilet facilities and picnic areas, but they also have additional and sometimes essential services, such as vending machines, pet exercise areas, charging stations, Wi-Fi, service centres, and restrooms. They offer the perfect opportunity to break up long drives where drivers may become fatigued, stressed or bored. It is one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of accidents, improve driver health and wellbeing, and reduce driver fatigue.

Because rest is the most productive thing you can do.

Take a Break! Rest Areas in Alabama I-65 Have You Covered… Literally

Rest Areas in Alabama along I-65

Alabama takes pride in its variety of rest areas along I-65. So, what kind of facilities can you expect to find? Here are a few things Alabama offers its drivers:

1. Comfort Stations

When it comes to restrooms, Alabama’s rest areas have got you covered. Their restrooms are always clean and have all the necessary facilities, including soap, paper towels, and running water. You may even find a family restroom or two, which is excellent for those travelling with little ones.

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Alabama’s restrooms: more professional than a surgeon’s hands.

2. Free Wi-Fi

For those wanting to stay connected, Alabama provides free Wi-Fi at their rest areas. The Wi-Fi comes in handy, especially when you need to make emergency calls, send or receive critical emails, or when trying to jog your memory on where you parked your car. Did I forget to mention that free Wi-Fi comes with top speeds?

The Wi-Fi’s speed will make your head spin faster than the wheels on your ride.

3. Pet Exercise Areas

We can’t forget about our furry friends, right? At some Alabama rest areas, there are designated pet exercise areas. Not only do these exercise areas provide land and space for your pet’s business, but they also offer your pets the chance to stretch their little legs, rest, and drink water. Supplies like waste bags are also available, making the space pet-friendly and a great place to relax for all dog lovers.

Alabama’s pet-friendly areas will make your pets wag their tails like there’s no tomorrow.

4. Vending Machines

Have you ever been on a long road trip and craving your favourite snack or drink? Alabama understands your needs and provides vending machines for snacks, sodas, coffees and more. The vending machines operate around the clock, and trust us, it’s more convenient than stopping at gas stations every 10 miles.

Alabama’s vending machines take you from hangry to a happy camper.

5. Service Centres

For those in need of car services, Alabama’s service centres are available at some rest areas. Here, you can get assistance with minor car issues, such as batteries, tire repair, and other road-related issues. Before you know it, you’ll be back on the road – problem-free!

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Alabama’s service centers: home to the best gurus of car repair.

Why Alabama Rest Areas are the Best

In a nutshell, Alabama rest areas embody convenience, cleanliness, and a friendly atmosphere – qualities that will make your journey worth it. From the pet exercise areas, vending machines, free Wi-Fi, and friendly staff, travelling has never been more comfortable along I-65.

Final Thoughts

When planning your next road trip, don’t forget to include Alabama in your itinerary. Remember to take breaks, stretch your legs, use facilities, and have a picnic if possible. Safe travels!

Stop the FOMO and head on down to Alabama for a break like no other!

History of Rest Areas

It’s safe to say that rest areas have been around for several years. In fact, the first rest area appeared in 1914 in West Virginia, followed by Virginia in 1928. The concept of rest areas became prominent in the ’50s, where states started to incorporate unique features, such as lookout towers, picnic areas, and sporting activities.

Table: Number of Rest Areas Per State

State Number of Rest Areas
Alabama 14
Alaska 5
Arizona 14
Arkansas 14
California 87
Colorado 23
Connecticut 8
Delaware 4
Florida 49
Georgia 32
Hawaii 0
Idaho 20
Illinois 30
Indiana 29
Iowa 38
Kansas 15
Kentucky 17
Louisiana 14
Maine 8
Maryland 5
Massachusetts 10
Michigan 82
Minnesota 61
Mississippi 27
Missouri 27
Montana 20
Nebraska 27
Nevada 23
New Hampshire 4
New Jersey 21
New Mexico 13
New York 28
North Carolina 24
North Dakota 22
Ohio 40
Oklahoma 16
Oregon 30
Pennsylvania 54
Rhode Island 2
South Carolina 19
South Dakota 23
Tennessee 24
Texas 80
Utah 14
Vermont 5
Virginia 43
Washington 45
West Virginia 12
Wisconsin 30
Wyoming 25

Benefits of Taking Breaks When Driving

Driving for long hours can be tedious, and at times, dangerous. It can cause fatigue, drowsiness, and impairs your reaction time. Taking breaks is essential, mainly if you’re on long drives. Here are a few benefits of taking a break when driving:

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1. Preventing fatigue

Driving for hours without a break can cause driver fatigue. Breaks help break the monotony and boredom that come with driving long distances, keeping you alert and refreshed.

2. Emergencies

You never know when emergencies can happen. Whether it’s an unexpected change in weather, car trouble or health-related situations, taking breaks can provide you with adequate time to assess the situation and make necessary changes.

3. Provides a change of scenery

Sitting in one place for long hours can take its toll. Taking a break provides a chance to stretch your legs and move around, helping to improve circulation in your body.

4. Improves driver safety

Frequent breaks give you the chance to refocus and reduce the risk of accidents. A rested and refreshed driver is a safe driver.


In summary, take breaks whenever possible during long drives on I-65, and Alabama rest areas have got you covered… literally. Alabama’s rest areas are well-maintained, pet-friendly, have vending machines, offer free Wi-Fi, and even have service centres to prevent driving-related accidents. It’s a great way to break up the monotony of driving, enjoy picnics, and bask in the southern hospitality of Alabama. Don’t forget to check out the other rest areas across 50 states of the USA!

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