The Bisento Value GPO: More Than Just a Mouthful

If you’re in the healthcare industry, you’ve probably heard of Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs). They’re a way for healthcare providers to band together to pool their buying power and get better prices on everything from syringes to MRI machines. But have you heard of the Bisento Value GPO? It may be a mouthful, but it’s worth every syllable.

What is the Bisento Value GPO?

The Bisento Value GPO is a group purchasing organization that focuses exclusively on the long-term care industry. They work with over 1,400 providers across the United States and have contracts with over 850 vendors. According to their website, “Bisento is led by operators who, like you, are first and foremost focused on providing quality care to your residents.”

What separates the Bisento Value GPO from other GPOs?

While many GPOs work with a variety of industries, the Bisento Value GPO is laser-focused on long-term care. This means they understand the unique needs and challenges facing long-term care providers and can negotiate contracts that are tailored to those needs. They also make an effort to involve their members in the contracting process, soliciting feedback to ensure they are negotiating on behalf of their members effectively.

What types of contracts does the Bisento Value GPO negotiate?

The Bisento Value GPO negotiates contracts on everything from medical supplies to food service. Some of the key categories include:

  • Dietary
  • Medical Supplies
  • Environmental Services
  • Transportation
  • Office Supplies
  • Pharmacy

The Benefits of Joining the Bisento Value GPO

So what are the benefits of joining the Bisento Value GPO?

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Financial Savings

Perhaps the most obvious benefit is the financial savings. By pooling their buying power, long-term care providers can negotiate lower prices on the products and services they need to provide care for their residents. According to their website, Bisento members “save an average of 12-18% off invoice” on contracted categories.

Time Savings

In addition to saving money, the Bisento Value GPO can also save long-term care providers time. Instead of having to research and negotiate contracts on their own, providers can rely on Bisento to do the legwork for them. This frees up time for providers to focus on providing care for their residents.

Quality Improvement

Beyond the financial and time savings, joining the Bisento Value GPO can also lead to quality improvement. By contracting with vendors who have a proven track record of providing quality products and services, long-term care providers can ensure they are providing the best possible care for their residents.

What Members are Saying about the Bisento Value GPO

Don’t just take my word for it. Here are some quotes from Bisento members about their experience with the GPO:

  • “Bisento has done a fantastic job in securing contracts that fit our long-term care needs. Every single contract I have reviewed has been great for our organization.” – Mary Frankl, Director of Purchasing, All American Assisted Living
  • “I found the Bisento contracting process very professional and thorough, and the savings we achieved exceeded our expectations.” – David Leavitt, CEO, Genesis Healthcare

How to Join the Bisento Value GPO

If you’re sold on the benefits of the Bisento Value GPO, you may be wondering how to join. According to their website, the process is simple:

  1. Submit a membership application
  2. Sign a membership agreement
  3. Attend a new member orientation
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That’s it! Once you’re a member, you’ll have access to Bisento’s vast network of contracted vendors and the resources you need to save time and money while providing quality care to your residents.

The Bottom Line

The Bisento Value GPO may be a mouthful, but it’s more than just a name. For long-term care providers, it represents an opportunity to save money, save time, and improve the quality of care they provide. With over 1,400 members and contracts with over 850 vendors, the Bisento Value GPO is a force to be reckoned with in the healthcare industry. Don’t miss out on the benefits – join today!

Helpful Table

Contract Category Typical Vendors Typical Savings
Dietary Sysco, US Foods 12-18% off invoice
Medical Supplies Medline, Henry Schein 12-18% off invoice
Environmental Services Stericycle, Waste Management 12-18% off invoice
Transportation Logisticare, MTM 12-18% off invoice
Office Supplies Staples, W.B. Mason 12-18% off invoice
Pharmacy Omnicare, PharMerica 12-18% off invoice