The Epic Tale of Eric Rice Muma and His Hilariously Awkward Amazon Letter

The Epic Tale of Eric Rice Muma and His Hilariously Awkward Amazon Letter

If you have ever had to return an item you bought online, you know how frustrating it can be. Not only do you have to fill out a bunch of forms, but you also have to wait for your refund to be processed. However, one man’s experience with Amazon’s return policy went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Meet Eric Rice Muma, a resident of Portland, Oregon, and the star of the hilarious Amazon letter that took the internet by storm. In this epic tale, we’ll explore how one man’s love for bacon led to a personal exchange with Amazon’s customer service that he won’t soon forget.

The Ultimate Bacon Lover

Eric Rice Muma is a man of many interests, but none as great as his love for bacon. He is the founder of Bacon Today, a website dedicated to all things bacon, and has even created his own line of bacon products. Needless to say, Eric takes his love for bacon very seriously.

One day, Eric decided to order a 4-pound package of bacon from Amazon. However, when the package arrived, he discovered that the bacon was not as fresh as he would have liked. Being the bacon enthusiast that he is, Eric decided to write a letter to Amazon’s customer service department to express his disappointment.

The Hilariously Awkward Letter

What Eric didn’t realize at the time was that his letter to Amazon would send the internet into a frenzy. In the letter, Eric expressed his disappointment with the quality of the bacon he received and asked for a refund. However, it was his unique style of writing that caught the attention of readers everywhere.

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Eric’s letter was full of anecdotes, jokes, and even poetry, all in an effort to convey his love for bacon and his disappointment with the quality of the product he received. Some of the highlights of the letter include:

  • “I can’t lie, I shed a tear or two upon opening the bacon box. Tears of love and tears of joy. Tears of love for the bacon and tears of joy for having a safe arrival of such a precious product.”
  • “I wasn’t sure if I should direct my next comment to you or to the bacon gods themselves, but I think I’ll start with you since you’re available.”
  • “Please understand that my intention isn’t to come across as a jerk of a customer, but rather as an overly emotional bacon lover looking for some comfort from a kindred spirit.”

The Response

If Eric thought his letter would go unnoticed, he was mistaken. Within a few days, his letter went viral on social media, and Amazon’s response only added to the hilarity of the situation. In response to Eric’s request, Amazon refunded his money and even offered to send him a replacement package of bacon.

But it was the response from Amazon’s customer service representative that took the cake. In an equally hilarious letter, the Amazon representative sympathized with Eric’s love for bacon and even included some bacon-related jokes of their own.

Lessons Learned

While Eric’s letter may have been written out of frustration, it serves as a valuable reminder that sometimes it pays to be funny and lighthearted in our interactions with others. Eric’s letter not only brought attention to his love for bacon but also demonstrated the power of a well-crafted letter in getting a response from a company.

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The Table of Bacon Products

If you’re curious about Eric’s line of bacon products, here’s a table to help you out:

Product Description
Bacon Today Cookbook A collection of over 50 bacon recipes, including bacon-wrapped filet mignon and bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers.
Bacon Lovers Gift Box A gift box containing bacon jam, bacon salt, and bacon jerky.
Bacon Today T-Shirt A t-shirt with the Bacon Today logo on the front and “Bacon is my love language” on the back.

The List of Bacon Jokes

In case you can’t get enough bacon-related humor, here’s a list of bacon jokes to tickle your funny bone:

  1. Why did the bacon win the race? Because it was the fastest food.
  2. How do you make bacon even better? Add it to everything.
  3. Why did the bacon go to the doctor? It was feeling a little crispy.


In the end, Eric’s love for bacon and his hilarious letter to Amazon’s customer service department will go down in internet history as one of the funniest interactions between a customer and a company. And while we may not all be bacon enthusiasts like Eric, his story serves as a reminder to always approach life with a bit of humor and lightheartedness.