The Frostweave Hunt: Where to Farm That Cold, Soft Cloth! ????❄️

Are you finally leveling up your Tailoring skill and in need of some Frostweave cloth? Or maybe you just want to farm some to sell at the Auction House, either way, you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we will lay out the best spots to farm Frostweave cloth.

What is Frostweave Cloth?

Before we dive into the hunt, let’s explain what Frostweave cloth is. It’s a type of cloth that can be used by Tailors to create various items such as bags, robes, and shirts. It’s often used by players who are leveling their Tailoring skill or by players looking to make some gold by selling the cloth on the Auction House.

Where to Find Frostweave Cloth

Frostweave cloth can be found in multiple zones, so let’s take a look at some of the best spots, shall we?

Zone 1: Icecrown

Icecrown is a great zone to farm Frostweave cloth. One of the best spots is at Ymirheim, which is located in the southeastern area of the zone. Here you will find plenty of mobs that drop Frostweave cloth, such as Frostweave bandits, Frostweave soldiers, and Frostweave geists.

Zone 2: Sholazar Basin

Another great zone to farm Frostweave cloth is Sholazar Basin. Head over to the Savage Thicket and start farming the gorillas and apes. Not only do they drop Frostweave cloth, but they also drop Borean leather and meat.

Zone 3: Howling Fjord

The Howling Fjord is also a great zone to farm Frostweave cloth. Head over to the Baleheim area and start farming the Baleheim mobs. You’ll find Frostweave bandits, Frostweave archers, and Frostweave warriors, all of which drop Frostweave cloth.

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Tips for Faster Farming

1. Use AOE attacks to kill mobs faster

2. Bring a mount with increased speed for quicker travel between mob locations

3. Use gathering profession items such as herbalism or mining to increase your chances of finding mobs

Best Farming Methods

There are several different methods you can use to farm Frostweave cloth, here are a few of the best:

Method 1: Killing Mobs

Killing mobs is one of the best methods to farm Frostweave cloth. Simply pick a zone with mobs that drop the cloth and start killing them. This method is great for players who want to level their combat skills at the same time.

Method 2: Dungeon Farming

You can also farm Frostweave cloth in dungeons. Some dungeons that drop Frostweave cloth include: Halls of Lightning, Utgarde Keep, and Nexus. This method is great for players who want to farm cloth with a group.

Method 3: Battlegrounds

Lastly, you can also farm Frostweave cloth in Battlegrounds. Some Battlegrounds that drop Frostweave cloth include: Alterac Valley, Isle of Conquest, and Strand of the Ancients. This method is great for players who want to farm cloth while also participating in PvP battles.

Farming Efficiency

1. Using addons such as GatherMate2 can help you keep track of which mobs drop Frostweave cloth in specific zones.

2. Make sure to clear your inventory regularly to make room for more Frostweave cloth.

3. If you are farming in dungeons or Battlegrounds, make sure to communicate with your group to avoid looting competition.

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To sum it up, Frostweave cloth is an essential material for Tailors and players looking to make gold. Make sure to farm in zones where Frostweave cloth drops commonly, such as Icecrown, Sholazar Basin, and the Howling Fjord. Use AOE attacks, mounts, and professions to farm faster, and don’t forget to use addons and communicate with your group. Happy farming!

Table: Frostweave Cloth Dropping Mobs

Zone Mob
Icecrown Frostweave bandits, soldiers, and geists
Sholazar Gorillas and apes
Howling Fjord Frostweave bandits, archers, and warriors

List 1: Dungeons that Drop Frostweave Cloth

  1. Halls of Lightning
  2. Utgarde Keep
  3. Nexus

List 2: Battlegrounds that Drop Frostweave Cloth

  1. Alterac Valley
  2. Isle of Conquest
  3. Strand of the Ancients