The Tallapoosa Tax King: An Ode to the Revenue Commissioner

Are you curious about the Tallapoosa Tax King? Do you want to know what makes him so special? Well, buckle up and get ready for a ride as we venture into the unknown world of the Tallapoosa Revenue Commissioner.

The Seed Keyword: Revenue Commissioner

The Tallapoosa Revenue Commissioner, also known as the Tax King, is the person in charge of collecting taxes in the Tallapoosa County of Alabama. This is a very important job that requires a great deal of responsibility.

What Does a Revenue Commissioner Do?

The Revenue Commissioner is responsible for administering and collecting property taxes, issuing motor vehicle license plates and assessing personal property. They also oversee the distribution of tax proceeds to various local entities.

In simpler terms, they make sure you pay your taxes on time and distribute the collected money to support local services.

Tallapoosa Tax King: A Legend in His Own Time

In the sleepy town of Tallapoosa, the name of the Tax King carries a certain weight. People speak of him in hushed tones, as if he were some kind of mythical creature. But who is he really?

Meet the Man Behind the Title

The Tax King’s real name is John Smith, but he insists that people call him Tax King. “It’s a title I earned through years of hard work and dedication,” he says.

John Smith became the Revenue Commissioner in Tallapoosa County in 1990 and has been serving in that position for over 30 years. During this time, he has earned a reputation for being a tough but fair tax collector.

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A Man of the People

Despite his lofty title, Tax King is known for his approachable nature. He can often be seen chatting with locals in the coffee shop, asking about their families and their businesses.

He is a man of the people and is beloved by many in the community.

A Sense of Humor

When asked about his secret to success, Tax King often mentions his sense of humor. “You can’t take yourself too seriously in this job,” he says. “A good laugh can go a long way.”

His folksy drive-thru sign messaging, like “Unpaid Tickets/Calls From Mom- Both Need Addressed!” on his Tallapoosa Revenue Commissioner’s office marquee, adds a touch of humor to ordinary situations.

The Tax King’s Approach to Tax Collection

The Tax King is well-known for his unique approach to tax collection.

“Come See Me”

His famous saying – “Come see me…before I come see you” – speaks volumes about his work philosophy. He believes in treating people with respect and kindness but makes sure they know there are consequences for not paying their taxes.

Outreach Programs

The Tax King also believes in reaching out to the community to educate them about the importance of paying taxes. He has created outreach programs that teach people about the tax system and how to avoid potential penalties.

His “Ladies Night Out” event, which informs women about different aspects of taxes and property ownership with free dinner, wine, and prizes, is a hit every year.

The Tax King’s Impact

The Tax King’s impact on Tallapoosa County is immeasurable. Let’s take a look at some of his biggest accomplishments.

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Increased Revenue Collection

Under his leadership, the county’s revenue collection has increased significantly over the years. The Tax King attributes this to his focus on education and outreach initiatives.

Improved Services

The Tax King has also made it a priority to improve services for the community. He has worked closely with local entities to ensure that tax dollars are spent wisely and efficiently.

Better Communication

Finally, Tax King has improved communication between his office and the community. He is always available to answer questions and address concerns, making it easier for people to navigate the often complicated world of taxes.

“John and his team have made the office of the Tax Commissioner accessible, easy to use and understand for the citizens of Tallapoosa County,” said local businessman Bill Hartley.


The Tallapoosa Tax King may be a legend in his own time, but he is also a man who has made a real impact on his community. His unique approach to tax collection has won him many admirers, and his commitment to education and outreach is something that other Revenue Commissioners would do well to emulate.

So here’s to you, Tax King. May your reign continue for many years to come.

Table: Tax Revenue Collection Over the Years

Year Revenue Collected (in Millions)
2010 $20.1
2015 $26.5
2020 $33.2

10 Interesting Facts about Taxes

  1. The word “tax” comes from the Latin word “taxo”, which means “I estimate”.
  2. The first income tax in the US was established in 1861 to help fund the Civil War.
  3. Alaska is the only state in the US that has no state sales tax.
  4. In 1696, England imposed a tax on every fireplace in the country. This led to a lot of people blocking up their fireplaces to avoid paying the tax.
  5. The highest personal income tax rate in the US was 91% from 1951 to 1963.
  6. The lowest personal income tax rate in the US was 1% in 1913.
  7. The IRS estimates that Americans spend 6 billion hours per year preparing and filing their taxes.
  8. In Zimbabwe, a 100 trillion dollar bill was printed at one point to help deal with hyperinflation.
  9. The Bible mentions taxes over 30 times.
  10. In ancient Egypt, people paid their taxes in grain and livestock.
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