The Unsolvable Mystery: Can You Merge Life360 Circles?

If you’re part of a group of people who like to keep tabs on each other, you might be familiar with Life360. It’s an app that allows you to know where your friends and family are at all times. Need to know if someone has arrived at their destination safely? Check Life360. Want to see if your kid is really at their study group, and not at a party? Check Life360. It’s like a virtual leash for everyone you know. But what happens when you want to consolidate your “leashes”? Can you merge Life360 circles? It’s a question that has puzzled users for years, and we’re here to find out if there’s a solution.

The Unsolvable Conundrum

Life360 circles are groups of people that you can track using the app. Each circle has its own members, and you can join multiple circles if you like. The problem is that you can’t merge them. Once you’ve created a circle, you’re stuck with it. If you want to combine two or more circles into one, you’re out of luck.

But why? Why can’t you just merge circles like you merge ingredients in a smoothie? Unfortunately, there’s no clear answer. All we know is that the app doesn’t allow it. It’s like the app developers decided “no merging circles for you!” and left it at that.

The Frustration of Not Merging

As someone who’s tried to merge circles before, I can tell you that it’s incredibly frustrating. I have a circle for my family, a circle for my friends, and a circle for my coworkers. But what if my coworkers are also my friends? What if my family wants to keep tabs on my friends? It’s a mess.

It’s like having too many tabs open in your browser. You know you need to close some, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it. You try to organize them with bookmarks, but it’s not the same. The same goes for Life360 circles. You can try to group people together in different circles, but it’s just not as convenient.

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The Workaround

So, what can you do if you want to merge Life360 circles? You can’t do it within the app itself, but there is a workaround. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing.

Step One: Create a New Circle

The first step is to create a new circle. This will be the circle that you’ll merge the other circles into.

Step Two: Invite Members

Next, invite the members from each of the circles you want to merge into the new circle. This means you’ll have to send out multiple invitations, but it’s worth it.

Step Three: Leave the Old Circles

Once everyone has joined the new circle, you can leave the old ones. This means you won’t receive notifications from them anymore, but you’ll still be able to see their locations in the new circle.

Step Four: Rename the New Circle

Finally, rename the new circle to something that makes sense. You don’t want to confuse yourself by having a circle called “Merger” or something equally vague.

Disclaimer: This workaround isn’t perfect. You won’t be able to see the location histories from the old circles, and you’ll have to rely on members to join the new circle. But it’s better than nothing.

The Merging Dilemma

The inability to merge circles is a problem that’s been around since the app’s inception. People have been asking for a merge feature for years, but it still hasn’t been implemented.

It’s like screaming into the void. You know there’s no one listening, but you keep doing it anyway. Someone has to hear you eventually, right?

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Life360 actually responded to a user’s question about merging circles on Twitter. They said, and I quote, “Unfortunately, we do not have an update on when we will be able to merge circles. The functionalities of our circle feature are being constantly updated, so we will pass your feedback along.” Translation: we hear you, but we’re not fixing it anytime soon.

The Benefits of Merging

If Life360 did add a merge feature, it would make things so much easier. Just think of the benefits:

  • Less Confusion: You wouldn’t have to switch between circles to see someone’s location.
  • Simple Invites: You could invite everyone to one circle instead of multiple ones.
  • Easier Management: You wouldn’t have to worry about duplicate invitations or people being in the wrong circle.

It’s like having one less thing to worry about. You know that feeling when you cross something off your to-do list? That’s how merging circles would feel.

Circle Etiquette

While we’re on the topic of circles, it’s important to talk about circle etiquette. Just because you have access to someone’s location doesn’t mean you should abuse it.

Don’t be a stalker. If someone doesn’t want to share their location with you, respect their privacy. Also, don’t use the app to control someone’s life. If your significant other doesn’t answer your calls, that doesn’t mean they’re cheating. They could just be busy.


Here are some frequently asked questions about merging Life360 circles:

Q: Can I merge circles without people knowing?

A: No, you can’t. When you invite someone to a new circle, they receive a notification. You can’t merge circles in secret.

Q: Will I lose location history if I merge circles?

A: Yes, unfortunately. You won’t be able to see location history from the old circles in the new one.

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Q: Can I still leave a circle if it’s been merged?

A: Yes, you can. Leaving a circle is the same regardless of whether or not it’s been merged.


The inability to merge circles in Life360 is an unsolvable mystery. We don’t know why the developers won’t add a merge feature, and we might never know. However, we do have a workaround that can make things slightly easier. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing.

It’s important to remember that Life360 is a tool, not a leash. It’s meant to keep people safe, not control their lives. Use it responsibly, and respect other people’s privacy.

At the end of the day, merging circles might not be such a big deal. If you have too many circles, just delete one. It’s like decluttering your closet. Sure, it might be hard to part with some things, but you’ll feel so much better once you do.

Helpful Table

Here’s a helpful table showing the steps to merge circles:

Step Action
1 Create a new circle
2 Invite members from old circles
3 Leave old circles
4 Rename new circle


Here are two lists to summarize the article:

Pros of Merging Circles

  • Less confusion
  • Simple invites
  • Easier management

Circle Etiquette

  • Respect privacy
  • Don’t be a stalker
  • Don’t use the app to control someone’s life


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