Torstol OSRS: The Herb You Can’t Pronounce but Should Definitely Farm ????

If you’re an avid OSRS player, you’re likely familiar with Torstol, one of the most valuable herbs in the game. Torstol can be difficult to pronounce and even harder to obtain, but it’s well worth the effort for any player looking to maximize their profits. In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about farming Torstol in OSRS, including why it’s so valuable, how to obtain it, and tips for maximizing your yield.

What is Torstol?

Torstol is a rare herb in the game of Old School Runescape that requires a farming level of 75 to grow. It is commonly used in making Super Combat Potions, which are highly sought after by players for their powerful combat enhancements. Torstol is one of the most valuable herbs in the game, with a current price of 4,442gp per herb as of August 2021.

How do You Pronounce Torstol?

Torstol is pronounced as ‘TORE-stull’.

Why is Torstol So Valuable?

One of the reasons Torstol is so valuable is due to its rarity. With a required farming level of 75, it takes a significant amount of time and effort to obtain. Additionally, Torstol is essential in creating Super Combat Potions, which are highly sought after by players looking to maximize their combat stats.

Furthermore, the popularity of PVM (Player vs. Monster) content, in particular Bossing or Raids, has further contributed to the demand for Super Combat Potions. As Bossing or Raids require extensive gear and inventory preparation, players are more likely to purchase pre-made Super Combat Potions to save time.

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In summary, the rarity and high-demand of Torstol make it one of the most valuable herbs in Old School Runescape.

How to Obtain Torstol

Farming Torstol

To farm Torstol, players must have a farming level of 75 or higher. Players can plant Torstol seeds in the herb patch located in the Trollheim area, which requires completion of the ‘My Arm’s Big Adventure’ quest.

Upon planting the seed, the herb will take approximately 80 minutes to fully grow. When fully grown, players can harvest the Torstol for a minimum of 6 herbs, up to a maximum of 13 with the use of Ultracompost.

Farming Torstol has an average profit of 90,000gp per patch according to the Old School Runescape wiki. This profit increases with the use of Ultracompost and Magic Secateurs, which respectively improve the plant’s yield and harvesting chance.

Buying Torstol

If you do not have the required farming level or patience, buying Torstol is also an option. Torstol can be purchased from the Grand Exchange or other players, with the current price at around 4,442gp per herb.

Tips for Maximizing your Torstol Yield

Use Ultracompost

Using Ultracompost on your herb patch not only increases your yield but also increases the plant’s health. Increasing the plant’s health makes it less susceptible to disease while growing, which decreases the number of herbs that will be lost.

Wear Magic Secateurs

Magic Secateurs are a pair of secateurs that increase the number of herbs players receive while harvesting. Using Magic Secateurs can increase the number of Torstol herbs per harvest from 6 to 7, which quickly adds up over time.

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Use Farming Boosts

Farming boosts can be used to temporarily increase your farming level, such as the Garden Pie which provides a boost of +3. This boost will allow players with a lower farming level to farm Torstol.

Pay the Farmer to Protect Your Patch

Paying a farmer to protect your patch ensures that the herbs you’ve planted will not become diseased, and will survive any potential disease outbreak. This is particularly useful for Torstol as it is a valuable crop and the risk of losing it all is high.

Final Thoughts

Farming Torstol can be challenging and time-consuming, but the rewards are well worth it. With a current price of 4,442gp per herb, Torstol is one of the most valuable herbs in Old School Runescape. By following the tips outlined in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to being a Torstol farming pro.

Torstol Farming Information
Required Farming Level: 75
Harvest Time: 80 minutes
Minimum Yield: 6 Torstol
Maximum Yield: 13 Torstol
Average Profit per Patch: 90,000gp


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