Unearthed: The Sordid Tale of Christa Pike’s Court Docs

If you’re into true crime stories, then the tale of Christa Pike is no doubt on your radar. The girl from Tennessee had a rough childhood, and by age 20, she had already committed one murder — but that was just the beginning. Her case has been in the spotlight for decades, and now, the court docs from her trial have been unearthed. Buckle up, folks, because this sordid tale is one for the books.

Who is Christa Pike?

Christa Pike was born in 1976 in West Virginia. Her parents split up when she was young, and she moved with her mom and siblings to Knoxville, Tennessee. Pike allegedly had a difficult childhood, with her mother’s boyfriends abusing her, and she was later involved in drug and alcohol use. But her troubles didn’t stop there.

The Murder of Colleen Slemmer

When Pike was just 18 years old, she worked at a fast-food restaurant with 16-year-old Colleen Slemmer. The two had an ongoing feud, and one day, Pike decided to take matters into her own hands. She lured Slemmer to a remote area with the promise of smoking pot, and then attacked her with a box cutter, ultimately killing her. Pike was caught, and at age 20, she became the youngest woman on death row in Tennessee.

The Court Docs

Pike’s trial was the stuff of nightmares, and the court docs make for equally unsettling reading. The documents reveal the gruesome details of Pike’s crimes, along with insights into her mental state and behavior leading up to the murder. Here are some of the most disturbing details revealed in the court docs. You might want to grab a snack before you continue reading.

Pregnant and Ready to Kill

According to the court docs, Pike was pregnant at the time of Slemmer’s murder, and she showed no remorse for her actions. In fact, she was “ready to kill” again, as she told her co-defendant and boyfriend at the time, Tadaryl Shipp. Pike was reportedly obsessed with the idea of becoming a “female serial killer” and even joked about starting her own “murder club” with other female inmates.

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Torture and Brutality

The details of Slemmer’s murder are beyond brutal. Pike didn’t just kill her — she tortured her first. According to the court docs, Pike used the box cutter to cut Slemmer’s throat twice, then stabbed her in the chest multiple times. But that wasn’t enough. She then proceeded to carve an “X” into Slemmer’s chest with the box cutter, and pulled out one of her eyes with her bare hands. The court docs also reveal that Pike bragged about the murder to other inmates, going into great detail about what she did to Slemmer.

Mental Illness and a Troubled Past

While nothing can excuse Pike’s heinous actions, the court docs shed light on some of the underlying factors that may have contributed to her behavior. Pike reportedly suffered from mental illness and was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. She also had a traumatic childhood, which likely played a role in her psychological state.

The Reaction on Twitter

The release of Pike’s court docs has sparked a lot of discussion on Twitter. While some people are fascinated by the case and the details revealed in the documents, others are horrified by the brutality of Slemmer’s murder. Here are some of the most memorable reactions on Twitter:

  • “I just read the court docs from the Christa Pike case and now I need to take a very long shower.”
  • “Reading about Christa Pike’s crimes is like staring into the void. This is some next-level depravity.”
  • “I can’t believe Christa Pike was only 18 when she killed Colleen Slemmer. That’s younger than some of the students I teach.”
  • “The fact that Christa Pike was pregnant and still so violent is such a chilling thought. Who knows what she would’ve done if she had more kids?”
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The Top 5 Most Gruesome Details in the Court Docs

If you’re curious but don’t have the stomach to read the entire document yourself, here are the top 5 most gruesome details in Christa Pike’s court docs:

  1. Pike stabbed Slemmer in the chest 42 times with a box cutter.
  2. Pike carved an “X” into Slemmer’s chest after she was dead.
  3. Pike pulled out one of Slemmer’s eyes with her bare hands.
  4. Pike bragged to other inmates about the murder, going into graphic detail about what she did to Slemmer.
  5. Pike had told her boyfriend prior to the murder that she was “ready to kill” again.


Christa Pike’s story is not for the faint of heart. The release of her court docs has brought renewed attention to her case, and the gruesome details they contain have shocked and horrified many. While it’s important to hold people accountable for their actions, it’s also important to remember that Pike was a human being with a troubled past and mental health issues. Let her case serve as a reminder of the importance of early intervention for those who are struggling, before it’s too late.

Table: Pike’s Timeline

Year Event
1976 Pike is born in West Virginia
1988 Pike’s parents split, and she moves with her family to Knoxville
1994 Pike murders Colleen Slemmer
1996 Pike is sentenced to death
2001 Pike’s death sentence is commuted to life in prison
2021 Pike’s court docs are released to the public

List: Other Notorious Female Killers in History

  • Aileen Wuornos, the “Monster of Florida”
  • Myra Hindley, one half of the infamous “Moors Murders”
  • Karla Homolka, who killed multiple people with her partner, Paul Bernardo
  • Rose West, who was part of a murder spree with her husband, Fred West
  • Elizabeth Bathory, who killed young girls and bathed in their blood
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List: Pike’s Infamous Final Words

  • “I didn’t finish. Listen, listen, listen to me. I didn’t finish. I didn’t finish. I didn’t get to finish. I love you.”
  • “Go ahead, please make my day.”
  • “Just because I’m going to die does not give anyone the right to fill my veins with drugs.”
  • “I am not sorry for what I did.”
  • “Yes, I would like a large pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms, and onions, and a large Coke.”


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