Unleashing Your Inner Gentleman at Lotus

Are you seeking an adventure in sophisticated indulgence? Welcome to Lotus Restaurant.
From local Richmond favorites to charming smiles, your culinary adventure begins with Lotus’ refined and elegant decor, friendly service, and delicious menu. Lotus, rated #1 fine dining restaurant on Tripadvisor for three years running, is the perfect destination to unleash your inner gentleman.

What is a gentlemen?

Before we proceed, what exactly is a gentleman?
The term “Gentleman” is a combination of two words. Gentle, meaning kindly, tender or compassionate, and man, implying strength, dexterity and prowess. So a gentleman is a man who is gracious, kind, and considerate, yet at the same time, possess qualities that make him appear powerful and strong.

Dressing for the occasion

What you wear determines how you feel
Your wardrobe represents you, and dressing up to dine at Lotus is a great way to stay true to your inner gentleman. Dressing for an upscale restaurant is an easy way to show respect to the establishment, the staff, and, of course, yourself.

The Dos
– A tailored suit in gray or navy with a crisp white shirt, a black silk tie and dark leather shoes is perfect
– A well-fitted blazer paired with black dress trousers
– Leather dress shoes in black or oxblood, and always polished
– A pocket square or a classy tie clip

The Don’ts
– Avoid wearing short sleeve shirts
– Don’t wear sneakers or sandals
– Don’t wear shirts with busy patterns

And, if you want to take your attire to the next level, consider adding a fedora or a bowler hat for extra flair.

Fine dining etiquette

A true gentleman knows his way around a fine dining table
Fine dining is never just about good food; it’s always about the experience. Dining etiquette is synonymous with class and sophistication.

The Dos
– Wait for the host or hostess to seat you
– Place the napkin in your lap as soon as you sit
– Use utensils from the outside in, and don’t forget, the dessert spoon is above the plate
– Keep your elbows off the table, and your hands visible at all times
– Enjoy your meal, but always use your inside voice

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The Don’ts
– Don’t start eating before everyone at the table is served
– Don’t blow on your food to cool it
– Don’t talk with your mouth full of food

A Little Tip
If you are unsure about what to order, or how to pair wine with your meal, ask your server for recommendations. They are the experts and always ready to help.

The Perfect Menu

A true gentleman knows how to order
Lotus serves a diverse and beautifully crafted menu influenced by flavors from Asia and Europe. Their menu incorporates specialties like Peking duck, crab fried rice, and lotus root with shrimp paste, to name a few.

The Dos
– Know your dietary requirements and inform your server
– Check the specials of the day as the menu changes
– Start your meal with an appetizer and choose a wine to pair with your entree

The Don’ts
– Don’t order the same dish for everyone
– Don’t hesitate to order something new or unknown on the menu

A Little Tip
If you can’t decide between two dishes, consider ordering a tasting menu where you can experience different flavors.

Cheers to Good Times

A true gentleman knows how to toast
Everyone loves a great toast, but it’s not just a matter of raising your glass and drinking.

The Dos
– Use your right hand to hold your glass
– Make eye contact and raise your glass to your guests
– Keep your toast clear and concise, keeping it to only a few sentences
– Take a small sip while others raise their glasses

The Don’ts
– Don’t toast before everyone has a drink
– Don’t clink your glass too hard, as it may break

A Little Tip
Don’t forget to toast the host or hostess, as they’ve made this great culinary adventure possible.

The World of Tea

A true gentleman knows his tea
A lot goes into the art of making tea, and it’s not just about a teabag and hot water.

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The Dos
– Use loose-leaf tea, and let it steep for the recommended time
– Use fresh water, and never boiling water, for green or white tea
– Use hot water for black tea, but never boiling water

The Don’ts
– Don’t add milk or cream to green or white tea
– Don’t steep tea for too long, as it may become bitter

A Little Tip
If you’re looking for a unique flavor, try their signature teas, such as the Lotus Immortal, a herbal jasmine tea.

Let Lotus do the work

A true gentleman knows how to trust
Letting Lotus take care of the details allows you to focus on enjoying the culinary adventure of the evening.

The Dos
– Make your reservation ahead of time, and provide any dietary requirements
– Trust the chef and server to create a memorable experience
– Ask questions and don’t be shy to make requests

The Don’ts
– Don’t be rude to your server or chef
– Don’t bring your own wine or liquor, as Lotus has a well-stocked bar

A Little Tip
If you’re celebrating something special, let the staff know, and they’ll make sure to create an unforgettable experience.

The Bill

A true gentleman knows how to pay the tab
Getting the tab is the moment you’ve been dreading, but there’s a way to make it an experience in itself.

The Dos
– Offer to pay the bill, and don’t hesitate even when someone else offers to pay
– Use your best judgement when tipping
– Split the bill equally if nobody steps up to pay

The Don’ts
– Don’t haggle over the bill with the server
– Don’t forget to include taxes, and service charges

A Little Tip*
It’s always good to tell the server that you’re paying for the bill ahead of time, so they don’t bring it out until you’re ready.

Lotus, a restaurant with an attention to detail and impeccable service, provides the perfect setting to unleash your inner gentleman. A tailored suit, and a flair of sophistication go a long way in reflecting your inner gentleman through your clothing choices. Take time to enjoy a culinary adventure, fine dining etiquette practices, the perfect menu, unique teas, and leave the details of payment to Lotus.

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But, remember the most important aspect of being a gentleman: it’s not just about what you wear, the food you eat, or the pocket squares you fold. It’s about how you treat those around you with kindness, compassion, and respect.

Thank you for choosing Lotus, and always remember to unleash your inner gentleman.

Table: Tea Typology

Type of tea Description How to Brew
White Lightly oxidized and minimally processed, producing a delicate flavored tea. Water temperature: 160°-180°F, Steep time: 1-3 minutes
Green Non-oxidized tea with a light, fresh taste. Water temperature: 160°-180°F, Steep time: 1-3 minutes
Oolong Semi-oxidized tea that falls between green tea and black tea. Water Temperature: 180°-200°F, Steep time: 3-4 minutes
Black Fully oxidized and fermented. The bold flavor is perfect for those who love a strong cup of tea. Water Temperature: Boiling water, Steep time: 3-5 minutes
Herbal Not a true tea, but an infusion of herbs such as mint, chamomile or rosehip. Water Temperature: Boiling water, Steep time: 5-6 minutes

List: Lotus Signature Drinks

  1. The Lotus Blossom- Moroccan Mint Tea with Mango Juice, fresh Ginger, and Lime
  2. The Silk Road-Pink Peppercorn gin, Citrus, Orange Blossom, with a Salted Honey rim.

List: Lotus- Awards

  1. Richmond Magazine: “One of 50 Best Restaurants.”
  2. OpenTable: “Diner’s Choice for Best Overall, Best Food & Best Service”
  3. Tripadvisor: “Certificate of Excellence” 2018, 2019, 2020

Awards and ratings retrieved from Lotus Official Website.


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